Koh Kood Restaurants – Our Choices and Recommendations


koh kood restaurants With its low key development and beaches so spread out along the coast, Koh Kood does not exactly overflow with restaurants outside the resorts themselves. Indeed, visitors tend to eat in-house or wander to the next resort along if they fancy a change.

For those who do wish to venture out, however, we have rounded up below all our choices and recommendations among the Koh Kood restaurants.

Klong Chao – Koh Kood Restaurants

There are a few options which have sprung up around Klong Chao Beach in the centre of the west coast. Across the concrete bridge and just around the corner, the cheap and unassuming Rimtang Kitchen, which offers everything from noodle soup to a full menu, is certainly worth a look, as is Hin Suay, a hundred metres further on, its emphasis on Issan food. As an alternative, try The tiny I-Ra, which sits opposite.

In and around the resorts along the river, Klong Chao Garden View attracts plenty of outsiders and from there, it is only a short walk to the tiny Ra Beang Mai, the intimate Mangrove Bungalows and the very sociable bbq at Cozy House by the bridge.

North from Klong Chao to Ao Salad – Koh Kood Restaurants

Heading north from Klong Chao, shortly after the turning to Ao Noi Resort, The Fisherman Hut is one of Koh Kood’s most popular spots, offering a full menu with nightly bbq, all at reasonable prices. They also lay on live music most nights.

Next up, the long established Italian owned Pizza and Pasta continues to quietly draw in customers from across the island, while opposite Waree Restaurant, complete with its fruit stall out front, is a very good cheap diner, popular with the hotel workers and tourists alike.

There are basic but tasty Thai noodle or one dish shacks scattered here and there near the hospital and down towards the Ao Tapao crossroads.

Once you reach Ao Salad, Kraten Seafood makes a great choice for lunch, some very well judged dishes, nicely presented and wonderful views over the bay from its vantage point above the village.

One last restaurant that you may come upon when out exploring is Restaurant Benz, deep in the mangroves near to the Captain Hook Resort wooden jetty in the north west of the island. In the main, this chic wooden diner over the water is used by those staying at Soneva Kiri and the guests arrive by boat to enjoy a 3 course dinner at 3,250bt per head. If not staying at the resort, you can get a table but your resort will need to book it for you. Alternatively, turn up during the day and speak to the staff directly as they set up for evening service.

South from Klong Chao – Koh Kood Restaurants

Heading south from Klong Chao, Chillout Cafe, once of Klong Chao, is now roadside a kilometre or so before you drop down the hill to Ngamkho Beach. At this northern end, the western style Phonthip Pizza and the sporadically open Indian Masala Hut both occupy non-descript shop houses opposite Big Dreams Guesthouse. The tiny Chaiyo, as basic a Thai diner as they come but with very tasty fare, sits at the front of the village by the creek.

Just before Bang Bao Beach, Chiang Mai is famed among the expat locals for its large though not particularly subtle portions, while Bang Bao Home, a tiny open air restaurant opposite the turning to Siam Beach Resort, makes another alternative. Continue further and another simple seafood and standard Thai restaurant, Pong’s Seafood is found at the bottom of the hill.

With the arrival of Cham’s House in Ao Takian Beach, the area up by the road on the approaches to its turning has started to develop. It is still very nascent but there are some noodle stalls and somtam shops scattered about and Eve House, a new backpacker bungalow resort has its own bar and restaurant, Taleh. Im-Yung is another new addition.

Much further down the island, Relax serves good well cooked dishes, nothing too fancy but the curries especially are well spiced and a little past it, you can pick up the road to Ao Yai, the fishing village.

In Ao Yai, a cluster of small seafood restaurants have opened up at the start of the village. Accessed down a wooden walkway off the main drag, Noochy and Thai Kitchen are proving to be the most popular. At the other end of the village, Chonthicha has a prime location on the pier, squid, fish and crab all available and equally delicious, plus it makes a great spot for boat watching.

Cafes – Koh Kood Restaurants

Found on the narrow road that runs towards Away Resort on Klong Chao Beach, Viewpoint Cafe is a converted fisherman’s houses on stilts over the water. It specialises in a Vietnamese blend and brew but also provides food and alcohol, great for sunsets. At the other southern end, Good View can be accessed from steep steps up the rocks or from off the road on the hill. Its vantage point high above the beach is one of the best on Koh Kood and its coffee hits the spot.

Ngamkho Resort has a little cafe at the southern end of that beach, while Bann Suan Homestay at the turning to Siam Beach Resort grinds the beans for Bang Bao Beach. Koh Kood Cafe at Neverland Resort is another decent place to take a breather if out and about exploring. Going north, the little BB Coffee down by the sea at Klong Mad is a sweet spot too if you find yourself in that neck of the woods.

Our Recommended Koh Kood Restaurants

Pricing Code/Per person in Baht (B) excluding drinks:
B= under 100; BB= under 500; BBB= over 500;

The Fisherman Hut

Baan Ao Noi after Klong Chao
Per Person: BB

On the main road after Klong Chao Beach heading up the island, relaxed spot with nightly bbq and full menu serving nicely presented breakfasts, seafood, Thai, western dishes, cocktails, wine, shakes. Live music.

Pizza and Pasta

Baan Ao Noi after Klong Chao
Per Person: BB

100 metres further on from The Fisherman Hut, authentic Italian fare from classic pizzas to all sorts of pasta. Coffee and breakfasts also available. Popular with families. Takeaway service.

Waree Restaurant

Baan Ao Noi after Klong Chao
Per Person: B-BB

Opposite Pizza and Pasta, cheap and cheerful diner with one dish over rice choices, noodles any which way or a fuller menu if needed. Fresh fruit out front, beers and soft drinks.

Hin Suay

Klong Chao Beach
Per Person: B-BB

On the back road in Klong Chao, laid back Issan restaurant offering bbq out front, catfish, pork and chicken, sticky rice, somtam as well as other Thai dishes to order. Beers, shakes, little terrace area.

Viewpoint Cafe

Klong Chao Beach
Per Person: B-BB

Built out over the water and accessed off the winding road after the bridge. Lassis, Vietnamese coffee, sandwiches, wifi and good conversation. Aussie and Thai owners. Great for sunsets.

Good View Cafe

Klong Chao Beach
Per Person: B-BB

High above the southern end of the beach, excellent view at this cafe from either its terrace or covered area. Coffee, breakfasts, full menu now added, shakes. Wifi.

Kraten Seafood

Ao Salad
Per Person: BB-BBB

On the road above the walkway, very well balanced, spiced and presented seafood, together with other Thai dishes, high above the bay. Thai souvenirs and dried foods in the shop attached.

Chillout Cafe

Klong Chao to Ngamkho Beach
Per Person: B-BB

On the road as you leave Klong Chao, friendly spot with the usual Thai and western food selection, but well prepared and spiced. Motorbikes hire, laundry.

Chiang Mai Restaurant

Bang Bao Beach
Per Person: B-BB

On the hill before Bang Bao. Extensive menu, unnecessarily huge portions, cheap and just about tasty enough no frills Thai food. Can spice things up as needed.

Relax Restaurant

Ao Phrao
Per Person: B-BB

A roadside location far down in the south west near to Ao Prao Beach, serving up one dish over rice, curries, salads, good home cooking, friendly, room on offer too.

Noochy Seafood

Ao Yai
Per Person: BB-BBB

At the southern end of the pier, down the rickety walkway, with seating out the back. Full fresh seafood menu, friendly family run place, popular.

Chonthicha Seafood

Ao Yai
Per Person: BB-BBB

At the northern end, down the slope onto the walkway, sala out over the water with large wooden tables and benches. Full seafood menu – try the crab any which way. Fabulous views across the bay.