Koh Kood Ferry from Laem Sok Pier – Catamaran, Express Boats, Speedboats


Ferry and Speedboat to Koh Kood

koh-kood-ferry-speedboat-pierThe ferry service to Koh Kood is provided by the high speed catamaran, Boonsiri Fantasea, the large express boats, Koh Kut Express and Koh Kood Princess and the speedboat run by Koh Kut Express Speedboats.

All operate from Laem Sok Pier on the mainland, which is in the middle of nowhere about 30km from Trat City.

Getting to Laem Sok

Private transfers are the most comfortable way of getting directly to Laem Sok Pier for the ferry, with a door to pier service from a Bangkok hotel, Suvarnabhumi and DMK Airports (early flights only), Trat Airport, and the Cambodian borders, prices and full information is here.

From Trat Airport, there is a share minibus at 700bt per person or better still a private transfer – our price for this is 1,500bt (car for 2 persons) or 1,700bt (minibus, up to 7 persons). The reverse journey is of course possible. Information and booking forms are here.

Direct Bus to Laem Sok from Bangkok

Boonsiri Fantasea does have a direct bus from Bangkok to Laem Sok Pier, which leaves at 05.00am from Khao San Road/Rambuttri in the centre of the city, price 850bt including the boat ticket. This makes the direct ferry boat to the island at 10.45am. There is another one at 08.00am, same price, same departure point but this makes the 14.20 ferry connection, where the boat goes via Koh Mak (an additional 30 minutes).

From 16/5/17 to 15/10/17, with a break from 4th to 14th September, this ferry service is once daily only at 07.00am linking to the changed boat timetable at 13.30.

There is a return service, which co-ordinates with the boats leaving Koh Kood at 09.00am and 12.00pm, the bus times therefore at 11.00am or 14.30. This goes via the Airport Rail Link (Lad Krabang Station), not the Airport direct. Trains from there shuttle back and forth from Suvaranabhumi Airport to Phaya Thai in the centre. If looking to make a flight, be aware that the boats are not always on time and that the actual rail link trains are only 3 or so an hour. Plan ahead and leave yourself plenty of time.

From 16/5/17 to 15/10/17, with a break from 4th to 14th September, this return service is once daily only, 09.00am boat linking to the 11.00am bus.

Trat to Laem Sok

The boat companies all run a free shuttle taxi from Trat City to Laem Sok. Its is easiest to get your guesthouse to organise this for you, just let them known when you check-in. Otherwise the services leave an hour ahead of the scheduled boat departure from Trat Bus Station, from the city centre, either near the market or the SA Hotel, with journey time approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Once at the pier, your respective company will themselves shuttle you down to the boats from their respective offices. Given the pier’s length, only a mad dog or Englishman would attempt to walk to the end.

Contact Us for private transfers, to reserve seats on the Boonsiri bus or on any of the boats. Pay either in advance or on the day.

Ferry to Koh Kood – Arrival and Departure at Koh Kood


On Koh Kood, all the larger ferry boats dock at Ao Salad in the north east of the island. The Koh Kut Express Speedboats service delivers you to your resort door, by way of their own small wooden piers which stretch out from every beach.

All run a free taxi service to your resort. On return, the same free pick-up and transfer applies for the bigger boats but you must confirm this with your resort or guesthouse, so they can ring through and book the collection. The speedboat also needs re-confirming the day before.

The Koh Kut Express, Koh Kood Princess and Boonsiri run as scheduled throughout the year, though the Boonsiri ferry does change its timetable and is closed for annual maintenance from 4th September to 14th September. The Koh Kut Express Speedboat runs a very reduced weekend only service during the rainy season, (June to the end of September), but check first.

Laem Sok (Trat) to Koh Kood

Koh Kut Express Speedboats
Dep: 10:00, ***15.00*** (NEW)
Dep: 11.30 Fri, Sat, Sun only 1/6/17 to 30/9/17
Duration: 60 minutes
600bt per person

Koh Kut Express
Dep: 13:00
Duration: 90 minutes
350bt per person

Koh Kood Princess
Dep: 12:30
Duration: 100+ minutes
350bt per person

Dep: 10.45, 14.20 (via Koh Mak)
Dep: 13.30 only 16/5/17 to 15/10/17, no Koh Mak link
Every Friday + Public Holiday 16/5/17 to 15/10/17, extra boat at 10.45
Closed 4/9/17 to 14/9/17
Duration: 75 mins direct, 100 minutes via Koh Mak
500bt per person

Koh Kood to Laem Sok (Trat)

Koh Kut Express Speedboats
Dep: ***11.00*** (NEW), 13.00 (from your resort pier)
Dep: 13.00 Fri, Sat, Sun only 1/6/17 to 30/9/17

Koh Kut Express
Dep: 10:00

Koh Kood Princess
Dep: 10:00

Dep: 09.00, 12.00 (via Koh Mak)
Dep: 09.00 only 16/5/16 to 15/10/16, no Koh Mak link
Every Friday + Public Holiday 16/5/17 to 15/10/17, extra boat at 12.00
Closed 4/9/17 to 14/9/17

Island Hopping between Koh Chang, Koh Wai, Koh Mak and Koh Kood

island-hopping-koh-kood-speedboatIt is very easy to move between the Koh Chang Islands, using speedboats, a slower wooden boat and the Boonsiri catamaran.

Koh Chang to Koh Kood is 900bt with Bang Bao Boats speedboat, Koh Mak to Koh Kood, 400bt. Times are twice daily, 09.30am and 12.00pm. Coming the other way, the boats leave at 09.00am and 12.00pm. Kai Bae Huts Nor Nou Speedboats run one service daily, same price, at 09.00am from Koh Chang, 11.00am from Koh Kood. For all the timetables and prices, see Koh Chang Island Hopping.

On Koh Kood, the boats arrive at and depart from the piers of your resort when possible.

These island hopping speedboats and wooden boat do not run during the rainy season. You will have to return from your respective island to the mainland and travel by road to the appropriate pier in order to take their mainland ferries. You will need private transfers to travel from the Koh Chang piers to Laem Sok Pier as there are no public choices.

Book your island hopping speedboat with us here. Please just let us know your date of travel, no of people, which island you need, your resort at either end – Pay in advance via PayPal

Boonsiri’s catamaran service, which operates from the mainland to Koh Mak and Koh Kood, can also be used to island hop. The service which costs 300bt leaves from Ao Nid Pier on Koh Mak at 15.10 and arrives at Ao Salad Pier on Koh Kood at 15.40, with free transport on hand to take you to your resort. The return leaves at 12.00pm from Koh Kood, reaching Koh Mak at 12.50pm. This service is not possible from 15/5 to 15/10 during the rainy season.

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