Koh Kood Nightlife – Our Recommendations


Koh Kood is not a party island, not to say that people are not having fun, but what one might call Koh Kood nightlife is very limited and dare we say it, long may it continue in this way.

The handful of bars are centred around Klong Chao on the west coast, but don’t expect late nights, buckets and dancing on the beach till dawn. There is some live music at Tawan Eco Bar and the restaurant The Fisherman Hut, by the bridge also sometimes puts on a show, but the general mood is kick back, sup a few beers and join in some lively conversations. Bartist inland towards the waterfall does draw a travellers crowd, it’s a nice spot and not so very far to walk from the guesthouses and bungalows on the river at Klong Chao Beach itself.

Bang Bao Beach Koh Kood has its own beach bar at Siam Beach Resort and there is sporadically open rasta spot on Ao Phrao Beach. If you are staying at Cham’s House and feel like venturing out, Taleh at Eve House, the backpacker bungalows by the road, is also worth a look, but remember to take a torch.

Our Favourite Koh Kood Bars


Klong Chao

A couple of kilometres inland by PD Guesthouse at the turning to Klong Chao waterfall, bohemian little bar and hang-out spot. A pleasant moonlit stroll from the guesthouses back on the river at Klong Chao.

Tawan Eco Bar

Klong Chao

Past the bridge, round the corner and on the right hand side, a small venue with live music and a great atmosphere. Food from the blackboard menu.

Sunset Bar

Klong Chao

Bar on the river just past the bridge. Cocktails, dj music and occasional parties, a terrific spot to watch the sunset funnily enough.