Koh Kood Island Guide – Resorts, How to Get to, Beaches, Activities


koh-kood-guide-travel Koh Kood (Kut), lies on the maritime border with Cambodia and is the second largest of the Koh Chang Islands.

At 25 kilometres long by 12 kilometres wide, with 2000 or so inhabitants, the island is an area of outstanding beauty. Its beaches, with their powder sand, clear waters and picturesque bays are all on the west coast, with Koh Kood’s 50 or so resorts scattered along its length. There are just 2 fishing villages over on the eastern side. Largely untouched rainforest fills the centre, mangroves line the rivers and 3 very pretty waterfalls are hidden away deep in the forest.

Its development as a tourist destination is, for now, relatively low-key and carefully managed. This wonderful sense of isolation is considerably helped by the lack of car ferries, its remote location and its room prices being that bit more than its neighbours at Koh Chang and Koh Mak. We can only help that it continues down the same path well into the future.

You can Contact Us with your questions about Koh Kood. We are only too happy to help and can book private transfers to and from the island, buses and boats.

We can also help with your planning as you combine a Koh Kood holiday with a trip to Koh Chang, Koh Mak, Koh Wai or Cambodia.

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Koh Kood Resorts, Hotels and Bungalows

Koh Kood resorts and bungalows range from ultra high end offerings at Soneva Kiri by Six Senses and High Season with prices from 20,000bt a night upwards to luxury resorts including Cham’s House, Captain Hook, Wendy the Pool and Tinkerbell Privacy, where rooms are nearer to 6,000bt.

There’s plenty of excellent 3/4 star resorts too with starting prices a little cheaper at 4,500bt, To The Sea, Koh Kood Beach Resort, The Beach Natural Resort to name just a few. You’ll find bungalow resorts in the 1,000bt to 2,000bt bracket at places like Mangrove Bungalows and Sunhine Resort, while backpackers are not forgotten, cheap rooms available at Cozy House, Klong Chao Garden View and Eve House among others.

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How to Get to Koh Kood – Transfers, Boats, Flying, Bus

Getting to Koh Kood has become steadily easier over the last few years as new travel services are added to meet demand. Private transfers are the easiest way to make the catamaran and express boat connections at Laem Sok Pier. Flights to Trat Airport will also make the island in one day or there is now a direct bus connection from Bangkok. Public buses and minibuses to Trat complete the options.


Private transfers, car or minibus, hotel door to Laem Sok Pier, arriving on the island in one day, from Bangkok hotels, Suvarnabhumi, DMK and Trat Airports, Cambodian borders, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh. Prices, booking and details.


Public buses and share minibuses to Trat from Ekamai and Victory Monument, direct bus connections from Khao San to Laem Sok Pier. All the timetables, prices and connections in our guide


3 companies, 8 boats daily leave from Laem Sok Pier for Koh Kood, with the last departure now at 15.00. All the prices, timetable and details are featured in our guide. Island hopping speedboats too.


Bangkok Airways flies 3 times daily from Suvarnabhumi Airport into Trat Airport, from where a private transfer by car or minibus delivers you to Laem Sok Pier, the departure point for Koh Kood. All the connection details explained.


Koh Kood Beaches

Koh Kood beaches are all found on the west coast. The island centre is at Klong Chao, a wonderful sweep of white sand and a mangrove-lined river, luxury resorts and backpacker accommodation.

To the south, Ngamkho Beach and Bang Bao Beach both have a mixture of resorts and bungalows, but there is not so much beyond the beaches themselves, a pattern that continues as you move down the coast to the south west beaches.

To the north of Klong Chao, Koh Kood has its administrative centre, with some beautiful isolated coves and beaches, home to more resorts and bungalows, some very luxurious indeed.

The two local fishing villages in Koh Kood are at Ao Salad and Ao Yai.

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Things to Do in Koh Kood

Though a very relaxed island, there’s still plenty to do and see on Koh Kood. Here’s our guide to the activities from diving or snorkeling to visiting the waterfalls.


There are 3 dive companies, who explore the waters off the island and also travel across to the Koh Rang Marine Park or even the wrecks south of Koh Chang. Snorkeling day trips are available with local boats.


Koh Kood boasts three waterfalls, two vast ancient trees and couple of gentle hikes, one inland and one along the coast.


Koh Kood Restaurants

Our restaurant guide goes around Koh Kood, picking out the best spots. We cover everything from seafood to coffee shops, west coast and east coast.


Koh Kood Nightlife

You don’t come to Koh Kood to party, but there are a few bars, all in Klong Chao Beach either down by the beach or inland.

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