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There are upwards of 350 Koh Chang hotels, resorts and bungalows, so, whatever your holiday budget, family, couple, a group of friends or a solo traveller, there will be something that suits your needs.

Yet, trying to work out the best place to stay, can seem a thankless task. Well, worry not, as we have done all the homework for you and filtered it all down into much more manageable lists.

Here’s some to get you started.


At that luxury end, prices range from 4,000bt right up to 20,000bt or more for the deluxe pool villas – look out for KC Grande (White Sand Beach),  Koh Chang Paradise (Chai Chet), Santhiya Tree, Dewa, The Splash, Aana and Emerald Cove (all Klong Prao Beach) or Awa, The Chill, Gajapuri and Seaview (all Kai Bae Beach).

Mid Range

Mid range choices include Kacha, Chang Buri (White Sand Beach), Flora I Talay (Chai Chet), Ramayana and Klong Prao Resort (Klong Prao Beach), Kai Bae Beach Resort, KB Resort (Kai Bae), Mercure Hideaway (Bailan), Spa Koh Chang (east coast) and Bhuvarin (Bang Bao), where prices come in a bit cheaper around 2,500bt to 9,000bt (pool villas).


For boutique resorts, expect to pay in the region of 2,500bt to 8,800bt with our top tips including Chivapuri (Bang Bao Beach), Nest Sense and Warapura (Lonely Beach), Harley Moon Hideaway (Bailan), Amber Sands, Serenity (east coast), and Little Sunshine (Klong Son).


There are plenty of rental villas on Koh Chang too – Blue Haven Bay in Klong Son is the main focus, but there’s another development over on the east coast at Baan Talay Thai and you’ll find them on other beaches, Pearl Beach in particular.


For the budget traveller, you can find guesthouse rooms as low as 250bt for fan, shared bathroom, cold shower or 500bt to 2,000bt for fan or a/c ensuite bungalows. Lonely Beach and Bang Bao Beach are both good places to start your search but suggestions from around all the beaches include Independent Bo (White Sand Beach), Tiger Huts (Klong Prao), Oasis, Nature BeachSea Flower (all Lonely Beach), Indie Beach (Bang Bao Beach, Hat Sai Noi), Cliff Cottages, Coconut Garden (Bang Bao) and Treehouse (Long Beach). 

Hostels and dorms have also hit the Koh Chang accommodation scene in the last few years –  Pajamas, Habitat and OYO My Hostel (Lonely Beach) just a few of the choices on offer.

Prices given are for the peak Xmas period via booking sites, not the hotel websites. They are intended as guides only.

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We take you round the island beach by beach, with specific tips on Koh Chang hotels in each area, west coast and east coast, all budgets covered.

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White Sand Beach (North) – Koh Chang Hotels

White Sand Beach plays host to one of the best Koh Chang hotels at KC Grande Resort, with 5 different pools and accommodation both beachside and hillside – deluxe hillside rooms at 6,250bt, pool villas from 10,980bt.

Look out too for the 3/4 star Kacha, also on both sides of the main street, with its prices ranging from 3,000bt to 6,500bt or the small 35 room hotel The Erawan (with rooftop swimming pool) at 3,500bt to 4,000bt a night.

Mid Range

For mid range accommodation, the larger resorts include Koh Chang Lagoon Resort, Cookies Hotel and Banpu Resort, where rates start at 1,800bt through to 6,500bt for family suites. All have decent pools as well as beachside options. 15 Palms sits in amongst them, a much smaller resort, with  rates from 3,500bt.

Further along the beachfront heading south, prices per night start at 2,500bt upwards at the boutique hotel Du TalayApple Beachfront, Bamboo and Alina Hotel (slightly cheaper).

Budget Tips

Alongside them, you’ll also find plenty of cheaper accommodation , where you pick up bungalows or rooms rates in the 1,500bt to 2,500bt range – White Sand Beach Resort, Jinda and Arunee to name just a few.

The main backpacker and traveller area is down on the sand at the northern end, with cheap rooms built into the hillside from as low as 350bt at places like Independent Bo and Maylamean.


White Sand Beach (South)

Chang Buri Resort is the stand-out of the Koh Chang resorts at the southern end of White Sand Beach. Its rooms and swimming pools on both sides of the road go from 2,000bt for standard to 6,500bt for the pool villas.

Look out too for Koh Chang Grand View Resort, another solid 3 star mid range choice at 1,500bt standard to 3,800bt for deluxe.

Mid Range

Keeree ele Hotel offers a distinctly boutique Bangkok style, its cheapest options at 700bt rising to 2,000bt a night, with Sea Sun, another small hotel choice, immediately next door.

Other mid-range resorts include the swiss owned Plaloma Resort, the German owned Top Resort and at the far end, Para Resort. Expect room prices from 1,500bt for doubles to 4,000bt for family.

Budget Tips

For backpackers, try Koh Chang Hut Hotel, where you can pick up rooms from as low as 500bt a night.

Please note that all of the hotels and resorts at this end of White Sand are not on the beach – it’s a few minutes walk to the north.

Klong Prao Beach – Koh Chang Hotels

Klong Prao Beach has the highest concentration of luxury resorts and hotels on Koh Chang including Santhiya Tree, The Dewa, The Splash, Aana Resort, Centara Tropicana and the Emerald Cove. Assume well appointed rooms, slick service, feature swimming pools and spa as stanbard. Prices will start in the region of 4,000bt for a deluxe whilst the top end pool villas and ocean suites go from 17,500bt to 22,000bt.

Of course, it’s not just high-end on offer and there are some excellent 3 star resorts too where prices range from 2,500bt to 5,500bt  – Klong Prao Resort, Ramayana, Vayna Boutique all worth a look.

Smaller Resorts

You can choose from smaller bungalow resorts and budget hotels too though they are not by the ocean. The Gallery (1,500bt upwards) and Noren Resort (3,000bt in peak) are side by side in the central area and look out too for Papaya Cottage, Boonya, Sabaidee, OYO Kachapol or Leelawadee – rooms from 1,000bt, all within easy reach of the beach.

Budget Tips

Traveller options include Tiger Huts (from 500bt for a beach hut), Baan Rim Nam, newly renovated on the northern canal (1,200bt upwards) and the French owned Blue Lagoon Bungalows on the southern canal, 650bt for one of its basic cabins on the water.

Kai Bae Beach

Kai Bae Beach boasts three fabulous top end resorts – Awa Resort, The Chill, Gajapuri Resort – all in a row on the sea, right in the middle of town. Their rooms come in at 4,500bt at the lower end of the scale, but go up to 16,000bt for the deluxe beachfront suites and pool villas.

At the southern end, also in that same luxury category, Seaview Resort remains very popular after all these years – superior hotel rooms from 6,000bt, some of the best pool villas on the island at 20,000bt.  

Mid Range

That beachside southern end is home to some excellent mid range resorts as well  – KB Resort, Kai Bae Beach Resort and Siam Bay – expect prices in the 2,500bt to 5,500bt. Porn’s Bungalows, an old Koh Chang favourite, has cheaper bungalows in the same area.  

Back up on the high street, you could also try The Stage or Garden Resort, where rooms or bungalows range from  1,500bt to 3,000bt. Paradise Bungalows and Sea Breeze, 1,200bt to 2,000bt also have a solid reputation.

Budget Tips

For backpackers, Patoo has good little cabins by the sea, 450bt a night but guesthouses like Laluna, JOP, Blues or the dorm at Duckling are other spots worth a look.

Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach is the island’s backpackers’ centre, with a whole host of suitable rooms for travellers on a budget. Expect shared bathroom and paper thin walls at the cheapest end of the scale with prices in the 250bt to 300bt range – Cafe del Sunshine, Thale and Marco’s the pick of the bunch.

You can also find dorms in hostels, mixed, single sex or indeed private rooms at OYO My Hostel (with pool), Stay Inn, OYO KLKL (with pool), BB (with pool) all starting at a similar rate as above for a bunk.


Of course, there are plenty of smaller bungalow resorts too – Oasis Bungalows, Little Eden, Sea Flower, Casa Beach (with pool) Kachapura, Carpe Diem (with pool), Lonely Beach Resort, Magic Garden, Paradise Cottage – prices from 600bt to 2,500bt.

On the Beach

For those seeking more comfort, the larger 3 star resorts, Bhumiyama Beach Resort and Siam Beach Resort have prime locations on the beach –  with rooms from 2,500bt up to 6,600bt. In amongst them,  the excellent Nature Beach Resort, over 20 years established, offers a pool, cabins and bungalows from 1,500bt to 2,500bt.

Boutique Resorts

Lonely Beach is also home to two great boutique resorts at Warapura Resort, down in the village, 2,300bt to 3,300bt a night and Nest Sense, at the far southern end,  deluxe room at 4,400bt rising to 8,800bt for a seafront pool villa. From either of these, it’s 10 to 15 minutes walk to the actual beach.  

Chai Chet – Hotels, Resorts and Bungalows

Not surprisingly, the lovely beach at Chai Chet offers a good blend of larger resorts, boutique and budget accommodation.

On the sand, the highly recommended Paradise Resort and Spa, is the stand-out, with bungalows starting at 5,000bt, pool villas at 14,700bt. Its sister hotel Paradise Hill sits across the road, room from 2,500bt. Further along the beach, the excellent boutique Flora i Talay, offers cabanas from 1,500bt to 7,400bt (with pool).

Also on the sand , Coconut Beach Resort is a solid 2/3 star resort popular with eastern Europeans, rooms from 1,700bt. Chai Chet Resort on the cape starts at a similar price.

Budget Tips

Not the beach and therefore cheaper,  you’ll also find motels and some bungalow resorts around the central  VJ Plaza or roadside at the northern end – look out for OYO Luxury Guesthouse, Koh Chang Thai Hill Resort and OYO Blue Resort – 750bt a night upwards. 

For travellers, one of Koh Chang’s best hostels, Pajamas, combines dorm beds (540bt a bunk) with private rooms and a pool. It’s located just behind Flora so 2 minutes from the sea. Meanwhile, Habitat at the end of VJ Plaza, is another good choice, 350bt a bunk and private options too.

Koh Chang Map

Bang Bao Beach with Hat Sai Noi

Bang Bao Beach also throws a few great Koh Chang accommodation choices into the mix via its peaceful resorts and its backpacker accommodation.

Chaipura Resort, by the bridge at the start of the beach, comprises large houses with wooden interiors, 2,500bt a night, two minutes walk to the sea.  At the far southern end on the sand itself, the top boutique Chivapuri Resort offers huge Lanna villas starting at 4,000bt, whereas next door, the stylish Tropical Beach Resort has rates as low as 2,100bt for its circular brushed concrete villas.

Budget Tips

In contrast, about mid way along the beach, Klong Kloi Cottage offers a range of choices including simple huts from 400bt. The bungalows at its neighbour Bang Bao Beach Resort are pricier at 1,700bt a night upwards. 

With its main restaurant on the beach and rooms behind, rates at Yu Yu Golden Beach start from 500bt. Heading along the dusty tracks, OYO Treehouse Cottages on the creek, Sea You Place, Lakchai, Family, Freedom Home and Santisook, all cater for the traveller. You should be able to get a fan room with shared bathroom from 300bt, allow 750bt and upwards for ensuite.

Hat Sai Noi

Hat Sai Noi, the tiny beach before Bang Bao Beach proper, also has some accommodation with the stand-out Indie Beach, 2,200bt for a seaview bungalow. Secret Garden has a family house from 3,000bt, Beach Box fan rooms from 550bt.  

Bang Bao

Though it does not  have an actual beach – you head to Bang Bao Beach 3 kilometres up the road for that –  the fishing village of Bang Bao still gives us a few very good mid range resorts, particularly on the north of the bay.

Northern Side of Bay

Bhuvarin Resort is the pick of them, fabulous views, 2 pools, a combination of new deluxe rooms and older standard ones, prices in the 2,000bt to 3,500bt a night range. Look out too for its neighbour, Resolution Resort which continues to upgrade and the long established 2 star Nirvana Resort – rates at both are in line with Bhuvarin

In the same area, Cliff Cottage combines glamping bell tents (800bt per night, shared bathroom) with motel style rooms and cliffside bungalows, 1,200bt to 2,000bt. Back up by the main road, Coconut Garden too has a range of styles, 500bt at the lowest end for fan.  

Guesthouses and homestays on the pier itself include Paradise, Buddha View and Ocean Blue, all in the region of 750bt to 1,200bt a night.

Southern Side

On the southern edge of the bay, you can find a handful of condos for holiday rental at Tranquillity Bay. Next door, more modest backpacker thatch huts are available at at Rasta Beach and Hippy Huts, 250bt for shared bathroom.

Pearl Beach – Hotels, Resorts and Bungalows

Despite its lack of a sandy beach, Pearl Beach is a quietly popular place to stay on the island.

Ban Ton Rak, the small roadside boutique resort, offers doubles from 2,200bt to 3,700bt, with swimming pool and a villa on the hillside. Down by the ocean, Saffron on the Sea has accommodation in the garden behind its restaurant, 1,300bt to 1,650bt whilst its near neighbour Penny’s Bungalows comprises bungalows and pool at a similar rate.


For families, the excellently kitted out villas, Elegance, Pearl Luxury, Suppathra and Inspiration (all have pools), are well worth considering. Rates start at 6,000bt a night, with a minimum stay requirement in peak season.

Budget Tips

Travellers too have some great options. Inland at the start of the village, TP Huts is the pick of the cheaper spots, fan rooms from 300bt, but look out too for its neighbours, Macura Resort and Alisa. Or try across the road at the older beach huts at Ban Na
It’s about 10 minutes by motorbike to White Sand Beach.

Klong Son

Klong Son, nearest town to the ferries, is home to the largest private development on the island at Blue Haven Bay (Siam Royal Beach).

The complex comprises private holiday rental villas (from 8,000bt a day, minimum stay period) with an excellent couple of boutique resorts, Little Sunshine and Peninsula (4,000bt a night upwards).

There’s also a condo block (from 4,000bt), a mid-range hotel, Marina Sands (800bt dorms to 7,000bt suites), an up-market guesthouse, Boat House ( 3,000bt+) and rooms within a large shared villa, Laguna Beach (5,000bt+). Facilites within the development a 40 and 20 metre pool, ar 9 hole pitch and putt golf course, spas, a marina and restaurants.

Other Options

As for resorts, Aiyapura stands out as the sole luxury option, with a large selection of villas high up on the hillside overlooking the southern side of the bay, rooms from 3,850bt a night.

Scattered about the town, inland towards the waterfall, down near the sea from the central crossroads and  on the access road to Blue Haven, you’ll come across other small resorts, motels and guesthouses such as Evergreen Resort, Feel@Chill, Havana, OYO Pukdee and OYO Riverside,  where rates start at 500bt rising to 2,000bt.

Salak Phet, Chek Bae, Long Beach

In the far south east of Koh Chang, the very local area of Salak Phet caters mainly to Thai tourists (weekenders and packages) via a number of Thai homestays but there are a few places you can try.

The small boutique Mangrove Hideaway, where rooms rate from 1,500bt a night, sits in the heart of the village on its sea walkway. In the same area, the tiny guesthouse Baan Yemaya and its sister hostel with dorm rooms Sleepover! provide the two cheapest places to stay, 350bt to 600bt.

In the very far corner of the bay, Salak Phet Resort, famous primarily for its seafood restaurant, has rooms and cabanas, 1,600bt to 4,000bt.

Chek Bae (Jek Bae)

Across the water in the equally local Chek Bae, Parama Resort provides high end exclusivity, prices ranging from 2,500bt a night in its offshoot Parama 2 to 17,500bt for an ocean view suite in the main complex. There are a handful other resorts nearby – Ban Mae, Rommai Talay – but prices here tend to be part of a package as their market is Thai.

Long Beach

Meanwhile, over on the very remote Long Beach, Treehouse still offers the original style of Thai bamboo beach huts with shared bathroom, 300bt.  It does have a good in-house restaurant but the electricity hours are limited.


East Coast

East Coast Koh Chang resorts and villas are concentrated at Dan Khao, a few kilometres down from the two ferry piers at Ao Sapparot and Centrepoint.

Amber Sands Beach Resort and Serenity Resort, two of Koh Chang’s premier boutiques, line the red sand beach with Sunrise Beach tucked in the middle. If you are looking to get away from it all, these are a great place to start with prices from 2,000bt (Sunrise) a night , 3,250bt (Serenity) and 3,500bt (Amber Sands). Having a motorbike to go to and fro during the day is a good idea.

Southern End of Dan Khao

Further down, the artist’s guesthouse Blessed offers just a couple of rooms from 2,500bt, while Garden of Joy provides a wide selection at 2,750bt to 3,750bt in peak. Another couple of kilometres along, Baan Talay Thai is a private housing development, with 2 to 5 bedroom villas (private or communal pool) for mimimum 3 day rentals. Assume 5,000bt per day at the lower end, 15,000bt at the top.   

Dan Mai

Opened in late 2020, Ocean View Beachfront Resort offers European style houses, an infinity pool and restaurant in Dan Mai. Prices range from 8,500bt a night peak to 22,500bt, with minimum 2 nights stay and longer rentals available.

At the other end of town, you can stay in one of Koh Chang’s most luxurious seafront villas at either Wave A or B. Sleeping 8 with a large pool,peaks season sees prices from 30,000bt a night, minimum stay requirement of 5 days.  

Salak Khok

At the far end of the east coast at Salak Khok, you can either simply relax or join a detox programme (charged separately) at the The Spa Koh Chang. Rooms at the back go from as low at 1,800bt with the pool villa at 9,000bt a night.

Bailan Beach – Koh Chang Hotels

Despite not being blessed with an impressive beach – just a small scrappy one at either end of the village – the peaceful, laid back Bailan Beach is home to a few great places to stay.

Over the last few years, Mercure Hideway, which sits at the southern end on the sand, has emerged as one Koh Chang’s most reliable mid range hotels. Its standard rooms start at 3,000bt a night, with the pool villas from 5,500bt. Next door, The White House combines rooms and small villas around the pool, 1,400bt to 2,900bt.

At the other end of town, also on the seafront, Bailan Beach Resort offers practical bungalows in the 1,500bt to 2,500bt range. Look out too for the very private The Mangrove, same end and also on the beach, 1,500bt a night for its chic wooden and thatch huts or roadside, the minimalist Lazy Repuplique, similar prices but with a pool too.

In the centre of town, the boutique Harley Moon Hideaway is the pick of the other resorts – well appointed bungalows from 2,500bt upwards.

Budget Tips

By the sea just down from Harley, budget travellers are well served by the beach huts at Elephant Bay (with pool too) or the more basic Kohchang 7– prices from 400bt to 1,000bt. Jungle Garden, Bailan View and Tarzan, all in the classic Thai style of wood, bamboo, up on stilts with thatch roofs, provide yet more choices at similar rates.

UPDATED July 2021
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