Bungalows and Resorts in Lonely Beach Koh Chang


Bungalows and resorts on Lonely Beach Koh Chang come in many shapes and sizes, from cheap backpacker rooms with paper thin walls, shared bathroom and cold shower to boutique resorts at Nest Sense and Warapura Resort.

You’ll find somewhere to suit all budgets, just do bear in mind that Lonely Beach is a party area with lots of late night music from the parties and bars.

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On the Beach – Lonely Beach Koh Chang Bungalows and Resorts

There are just four places on Lonely Beach itself. Bhumiyama Beach Resort has emerged over time as the most upscale, with large Lanna style houses over two floors, lovely gardens and pools, prices in peak season from 4,300bt to 6,800bt per night. Siam Beach Resort offers pool villas at 7,500bt and hotel style rooms at around 3,000bt.

The very popular Nature Beach Resort continues to grow and grow, mixing chic thatch rooms alongside brand new boutique style bungalows and a pool, prices between 1,500bt and 2,500bt. The cheapest accommodation at Siam Huts, a long time favourite of Koh Chang backpackers, has now closed down.

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Pricing Code/Per night in Baht (B):
B= under 500; BB= 500 to 1,500; BBB= 1,500 to 3,000; BBBB= over 3,000;

Bhumiyama Beach Resort

Per Night: BBBB+Koh Chang Hotels Recommended icon

Large garden and sea view rooms or villas set in pretty tropical gardens. Swimming pool, jacuzzi and restaurant. Private atmosphere though located in the middle of the beach.

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Nature Beach Resort

Per Night: BB-BBBKoh Chang Hotels Recommended icon

Very popular resort with different styles of bungalows on the sand and set back by the klong or canal behind. Great hang out restaurant, Nature Rocks, in prime location and night time party venue. New swimming pool. A Lonely Beach institution.

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Siam Huts

Per Night: B-BBKoh Chang Hotels Recommended icon

CLOSED – will not re-open.

Siam Beach Resort

Per Night: BB-BBBB++Koh Chang Hotels Recommended icon

Private villas with plunge pools, downstairs or upstairs rooms in individual 2 storey houses or a hotel style block – all on the beach. Swimming pool, restaurant and tours.

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The Village – Lonely Beach Koh Chang Bungalows and Resorts

The rest of the bungalows and the two premier boutique resorts, Warapura Resort and Nest Sense are found in the village, a 7 minute walk south from the beach itself.

The village is laid out in a grid system, with two sois or streets, Soi Tian Chai 1 and Soi Tian Chai 2, running parallel with one another as they lead off the main road down to the rocky seafront. Along each of these, you will find bars, restaurants, guesthouses and bungalows, all jostling for space and attention.

Along Soi 1

At the top of the new development area between the beach and the village, Stay Inn Hostel continues with the trend for dorms, with 2 mixed ones, 4 to 8 pax on offer, prices from 280bt a night for a bunk bed.

As you turn down into Soi 1, Oom Guesthouse is a new near neighbour to the long established Thale Guesthouse. Cafe Del Sunshine is next door but has its mixture of rooms and dorm accommodation on the little connecting street back to Soi 2, location also for Maco Jaco Bungalows.

Rates per night range from 200bt for a bunk bed in a dorm room to 300bt for single fan room, 600bt for double with fan and 700bt for an a/c double.

Sunflower Bungalows is a long established and popular choice along here, a mixture of different sized bungalows in a garden area from 500bt but do bear in mind, it’s right next door to Ting Tong Bar.

At the bottom of Soi 1, Sea Flower offers very reasonable rates from 600bt for its bungalows by the ocean on the rocks. It’s just a short walk along the back route to the actual beach. Meanwhile, Sunset Huts, at 1,000bt for a/c and hot water, also sits on the seafront here, its restaurant deck one of Lonely Beach’s hidden secrets. Follow the accommodation along the shore to connect back to Soi 2 at its end.

Sea Flower Bungalows

Per Night: B-BBKoh Chang Hotels Recommended icon

Sea view a/c or smaller fan bungalows behind, located along the rocky seafront. Minimart, cafe, no restaurant. Away from the bustle, short walk to the beach via the back bridge past the new development.

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Along Soi 2

Located on the bottom corner of the narrow connecting street which runs parallel to the sea from Soi 1 to Soi 2, you will find the small Blue Sky Resort at 500bt to 1,500bt a night. Opposite, the boutique Warapura Resort, a firm favourite with that flashpacker crowd, has rooms ranging from 1,800bt to 3,000bt.

Going back up Soi 2 towards the main road, KLKL Hostel offers a combination of rooms and dorms, even a swimming pool but still has cheap prices at 450bt upwards. The smart 5 room resort Carpe Diem offers good clean doubles from 1,500bt in high season, while Antenna and Marco’s Guesthouse, opposite each other a few metres further on, come in cheaper at 300bt for a single fan room up to 700bt for a/c double.

Bee Sleep Hostel, sister hostel to the one in Klong Prao, has single sex a/c dorms at 500bt per night. Finally, Lam Yai Bungalows, in the same vein as Maco Jaco Bungalow, consists of cheap bungalows with cold/hot water bathrooms, prices at 500bt.

Sleepy Owl has a mixture of dorm accommodation and private rooms behind its coffee shop.

Warapura Resort

Per Night: BBB-BBBBKoh Chang Hotels Recommended icon

Lonely Beach’s first boutique resort with sea view, poolside and private villas with roof terraces. Swimming pool, stylish restaurant. Ten minutes to the beach.

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Blue Sky Bungalows

Per Night: BBKoh Chang Hotels Recommended icon

Tucked away on the corner of Soi 2, this small resort has a handful of a/c and fan bungalows by the sea and in two neat rows in the garden behind. Tent accommodation in singles and doubles possible too, alongside drinks and simple Thai food in the tiny cafe. Wifi. A laid back artists’ atmosphere and only a few minutes from the beach via the back bridge.

Carpe Diem

Per Night: BBKoh Chang Hotels Recommended icon

About 1/2 way along Soi 2, clean and new resort with 5 a/c rooms with ensuite bathrooms on one side of a small swimming pool. Restaurant with Thai and western food, good breakfasts. Bar. Wifi. Australian and Thai owned, sociable and fun.

Marco’s Guesthouse

Per Night: B-BBKoh Chang Hotels Recommended icon

A little further along Soi 2 after Carpe Diem, small guesthouse over 2 floors with 7 fans rooms with share bathroom, 2 with ensuite. Chill-out area upstairs. Evening pizzas made to secret recipe, regularly rated by the locals as Lonely Beach’s best. Breakfast, wifi, local knowledge.

Along the Main Street and Soi 3

Emerging back on the main thoroughfare, yet more Koh Chang bungalows line each side of the road as you head further south.

Both Lonely Beach Resort and Kachapura have bungalow accommodation within well kept gardens, the former also boasting a small pool. Expect prices starting at 800bt a night upwards. Janrassamee is a 1,500bt smart little home stay, while Magic Garden continues to evolve with both thatch and concrete rooms still putting out an all-together happy backpacker vibe. Beach Jungle, has an eclectic mix of deluxe rooms as well a dorm hostel.

BB Lonely Beach too offers its own hostel with a mixture of private rooms at 650bt per night and dorm accommodation, bunk bed at 250bt, with access to the dive pool, a gym and yoga. Margaritaville meanwhile has a small selection of stylish 1,500bt rooms behind the bar and restaurant.

There’s a few Russian owned spots too, with the pick of them, Exotic Bungalows, 1,000bt rooms and a small swimming pool. The tiny Green Sun next door is a popular 350bt budget choice, though it has just 8 bungalows and no garden. Opposite, Fish House, its large rooms up on stilts, comes in at 1,500bt a night during the high season.

On the mountain side, you will also find another narrow street, Soi Tian Chai 3. Various small bungalow resorts, Day and Night, Janina’s, Little Eden, Easy House sit across from one another as the street climbs up to the excellent Oasis Resort at the top. Their location on this side of the road, in theory, does give them a more peaceful air than down in the village, though the music from the bars will of course still carry. Prices are in the 500bt upwards bracket.

Kachapura Resort

Per Night: BBKoh Chang Hotels Recommended icon

Cute fan and a/c bungalows in pretty landscaped gardens. A peaceful atmosphere, despite being in the middle of the village. Cafe.

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Little Eden Bungalows

Per Night: BBKoh Chang Hotels Recommended icon

On the way up the inland hill in the village, 11 fan bungalows and 3 a/c cottages laid out in garden setting. Restaurant. Quiet, though, as with elsewhere around here, party noise does still carry.

Oasis Resort

Per Night: BBKoh Chang Hotels Recommended icon

At the top of the hill with fabulous views, small intimate resort with mixture of stone a/c or wooden fan bungalows, all set in the jungle garden. Restaurant. 15 minutes to the beach. Treehouse.

Magic Garden Bungalows

Per Night: BBKoh Chang Hotels Recommended icon

Backpacker resort with wide selection of different styled bungalows, ensuite, fan or a/c all set in a large mature tropical garden. Chill out restaurant which gets good reviews, coffe, wifi and cocktails, movies and the odd party.

Southern End – Lonely Beach Koh Chang Bungalows and Resorts

At the far southern end as you leave the village and head towards Bailan Beach, My Hostel offers cheap dorm accommodation with a pool, its doubles at a very reasonable 1,100bt a night, while a final small street leads to the boutique resort, Nest Sense, complete with its infinity pool.

Nest Sense adds another dimension to accommodation here in Lonely Beach, with its prices at the bottom end 4,400bt for deluxe rooms, 6,400bt for the seaside villas and up to 8,800bt for the seaview pool villas
Paradise Cottage at the end of this street has been around for many years, a stylish mix of lounge bar, restaurant, the odd party and still chic, brushed concrete bungalows – fan in the garden at 400bt, seafront a/c cabana up to 2,500bt.

Nest Sense Resort

Per Night: BBBBKoh Chang Hotels Recommended icon

On the same little road leading to Paradise, as you leave the village towards Bailan Beach, terrific boutique resort with villason two levels overlooking the sea and additional rooms at the rear. No beach but with small infynity pool. Bistro style restaurant, 15 minutes walk to Lonely Beach. Chic, tasteful, peaceful, though party sounds may carry even here.

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Paradise Cottage

Per Night: BBKoh Chang Hotels Recommended icon

30 fan and a/c rooms, ensuite, with hip restaurant and bar, occasional party or surprise top dj set. Away from the madding crowd but 15 minutes to the beach.

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Other Choices – Lonely Beach Koh Chang Bungalows and Resorts

Lonely Beach has far too many options to list in full, so here is a selection only to go with our recommendations above.

Cafe del Sunshine

Per Night: B-BB

On a connecting street between Soi 1 and Soi 2, mix of rooms and dorm accommodation in stylish wooden 2 storey building. Good restaurant, noted for breakfasts, ticket agency. Noise from bars.

Sunflower Bungalows

Per Night: B-BB

On Soi 1, long established backpacker resort with concrete a/c and wooden fan bungalows, all set in a small garden. Minimart, next to Ting Tong Bar so bring earplugs.

Sunset Huts

Per Night: BB

Bottom of Soi 1, a/c bungalows and cheaper fan huts in 2 rows along the seashore. Large restaurant with decking on stilts out over the water. Friendly local family.

Lonely Beach Resort

Per Night: BB

On the main road in the village, rooms and bungalows and swimming pool, all a/c, in a rolling garden behind restaurant, bar and chill-out deck. Ten minutes to the beach.

My Hostel

Per Night: B-BB

At the southern end of the village, backpacker hostel with dorms or private rooms. Great swimming pool, restaurant and bar, popular with the travellers.

In Summary – Lonely Beach Koh Chang Bungalows and Resorts

As you make your final choice, it is worth bearing in mind that Lonely Beach is party central and because of all the parties, an apparently quiet spot one night can transform itself the very next night into a bass-thumping crowd puller. In theory, there is a cut off time of 12.00pm, but things do rumble on and on and on.

As long as you are fully aware of this, it’s a great place to hang out, the small beach remains one of Koh Chang’s very best, you’ll meet a lot of nice people with whom to share a beer or cocktail and at some point, you may well fall head over heels in love (or drunk).

Given you’re on holiday, it’s also good to know that the one thing Lonely Beach on Koh Chang does not do very well, is get up early.

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