Two Lost British Trekkers Rescued in Koh Chang Jungle

National Park Rangers have rescued two lost British trekkers from the Koh Chang jungle.

Theodor Stennett, 22, and Ramanjot Chahal, 22 set out early morning, Sunday 14th August to trek unguided in the Klong Kloi Bang Bao Beach area at the far end of the west coast of Koh Chang. Their guesthouse informed the National Park Authorities of likely problems when they failed to return by 21.30, with search and rescue teams then scrambled.

Working with Koh Chang National Park rangers, tourist police inspector Pol Lt Col Man Rodthong succeeded in contacting the trekkers through their mobile phone, lucky indeed given the poor or non-existent reception in the jungle.

Having triangulated their location and told them to sit tight, the rescue team headed into the forest around 10.30am Sunday night and eventually found them at 05.00 on Monday morning on the mountain, Khao Laem. Khao Laem is the 600m mountain that sits between the south east corner or the island, Salak Phet and the west coast, Bang Bao, not a place you want to find yourself overnight, lost and alone.

The trekkers received medical attention on the scene and were then led out the jungle to the local hospital for further minor treatment, not least to their pride.

Dangers for Trekkers without a Guide

All in all a lucky escape for the pair and one that once again highlights the dangers of walking without a guide in the Koh Chang forest. The trekkers did leave a mobile number but given the patchiness of signals that deep into the interior, it’s still takign a hige risk.

Pol Lt Col Man Rodthong once again stressed for tourists to heed the local advice and not wander off into the jungle alone.

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