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Chek Bae – A Cycle Tour

bicycle by sea chek bae

An afternoon out bicycling in the south east corner of the island at Chek Bae. Information on the offshore islands, the local fishing village, lunch and a visit to the beach. More great things to do in Koh Chang.

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The Koh Chang Elephant – Ears and Camps

Might the Koh Chang elephants be why the island’s called Koh Chang? Did they swim here? Why not go on an elephant trek and ask them yourself. Our introduction to these wonderful creatures as we celebrate Thai National Elephant Day,

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Mangroves in Koh Chang – Walkways at Salak Phet and Salak Khok

red bridge mangroves salak phet

Down in the south east of Koh Chang, we take time out to walk around the mangroves at Salak Phet and Salak Khok. Stunning natural forests, with ambient sound, great views and perfect peace and quiet.

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Koh Chang Diving Gets Second Wreck

divers crows nest htms chang

Wreck diving on Koh Chang – news here from the early days when the first wrecks were sent to the bottom of which HTMS Chang is a huge success.

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Koh Kood – The Secret Waterfall Laid Bare

waterfall sign koh kood

A curious road in the forest opens up Koh Kood’s secret waterfall and combined with ancient trees nearby, it is worth getting on a motorbike and having a closer look.

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