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White Sand Beach Hotels, Resorts and Bungalows – Southern End

At its southern end, White Sand Beach offers a mixture of mid-range large resorts, a couple of small hotels and other rooms in motels and long stay bungalows.

This end of the town is not on the beach, so resorts are either seaside on the hill and cliffs or oppsite on the mountain-side. There are also a few spots at the far-end as you head out of town to the next area along, Pearl Beach.

The area itself has a busy way about it, with plenty of shops and some good restaurants. It also plays host to the main beer bar area. You can walk to the first beach walkway in just a few minutes, allow around 10 to 15 minutes to KC Grande.

You will find the full run-down on accommodation at the northern end here.

Prices given are for the peak Xmas period via booking sites, not the hotel websites. They are intended as guides only.

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On the Hill – Sea-side – White Sand Beach Hotels (South)

At the point where the sand of the northern section gives way to the rocks of this southern section, Koh Chang Grand View Resort is first up. Popular with Thai packages, but also now an understated choice for western tourists, it offers large villas, rooms and a oceanside pool. Prices start at 1,300bt for a standard room rising to 3,500bt for pool view.

Next along, Chang Buri Resort is undoubtedly the pick of the bunch at this end, with its own combination of villas and pools on one side of the road and hotel style rooms, with a second pool on the other side. Prices start at 2,000bt or so for a hillside deal, 6,500bt for the poolside villa.

Further along as you head out of town, Top Resort and Plaloma Resort, both European owned, sit high up on the cliffs, a mixture of rooms and bungalows in the 1,700bt to 4,000bt range, while Koh Chang Hut Hotel, cheaper accommodation and good as a long stay option, has prices as low as 500bt. All three have great views out to sea which make up for the 10 minute walk down the hill to the beach proper.

Due to the pandemic, some resorts and hotels are showing full prices in peak season, some resorts indicating reduced rates – best to assume everything is fluid depending on the global situation for international travel.

Pricing Code/Per night in Baht (B):
B= under 500; BB= 500 to 1,500; BBB= 1,500 to 3,000; BBBB= over 3,000;

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rooms grand view resort white sand beach koh chang

Koh Chang Grand View Resort

Per Night: BBB – BBBB

By the Sea

Poolside suites, cottages and garden rooms. Restaurant and bar. Central swimming pool with bar. Shingle and rock beach but a small walk puts you on decent sand. Solid choice at this end

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rooms chang buri resort white sand beach koh chang

Chang Buri Resort

Per Night: BBB – BBBB

By the Sea and Hillside

Villas and suites by the pool and on the seafront, with superior rooms in the hillside building opposite. Pools on both sides, spa, restaurant, coffee shops and bar. Beer bar area in the immediate vicinity too.

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hotel block koh chang hut hotel white sand beach

Koh Chang Hut Hotel

Per Night: B – BB

Overlooking the Sea

Fan and a/c rooms in large building on the hill or bungalows hugging the cliff, overlooking the sea. Own restaurant. Monthly deals available and open 24 hours.

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On the Hill – Mountain-side – White Sand Beach Hotels (South)

This southern end of White Sand Beach also boasts two small hotels, Keere-ele Hotel and Du-Sila Koh Chang Hotel.

Keere-ele Hotel, part of the chain that includes Keereeta Resort in Pearl Beach, has a distinctly Bangkok feel, rooms on three storeys around a central swimming pool, brightly painted and chic, rooms from 700bt to 2,000bt. Similarly priced and also with a pool, Du-Sila Koh Chang Hotel (formerly Paddy’s Palms) sits next door but is currently closed .

Next door to Du-Sila Koh Chang Hotel, The White Elephant, the popular sports pub, also offers deluxe doubles and superior bungalows out the back around a swimming pool, prices from 1,200bt to 1,700bt.

Sea Sun Hotel, on the same side – 1,000bt to 1,200bt for rooms overlooking the main street and rather cute bungalows behind – gives you one more option.

pool interior keeree ele hotel white sand beach koh chang

Keeree ele Hotel

Per Night: BB – BBB

Back from the Road

Large boutique hotel with standard and deluxe rooms located on the mountainside of the road. Swimming pool, jacuzzi, restaurant. A few minutes walk to the beach.

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pool view du sila koh chang hotel white sand beach

Du-Sila Koh Chang Hotel

Per Night: BB – BBB

Back from the Road

*CURRENTLY CLOSED* On the mountainside, 32 standard or deluxe a/c rooms in a hotel style block, with a swimming pool, ample car parking. Paddy’s Palms, the Irish pub at the front, has now moved to 15 Palms at the northern end of White Sand Beach. *CURRENTLY CLOSED*

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rooms sea sun bungalows hotel white sand beach koh chang

Sea Sun Bungalow & Hotel Resort

Per Night: BB – BBB

Back from the Road

On the mountainside, Czech owned, stylish bungalows and separate rooms in a 3 stsmall hotel block, all a/c, set in a pretty garden on the mountain side. Restaurant and bar. A walk down the hill to the beach.

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Far End – White Sand Beach Hotels (South)

Two good value little bungalow operations, nothing too fancy, Baan Aunrak (double room at 1,000bt) and Para Resort (twin room at 1,300bt), also sit at this far end. With a good 10 minute walk to the beach, their location is not their strong point, but as long as you are aware of this, they may well suit a few needs, especially given their prices.

Giant Bungalows, similarly, is not going to win too many awards, but it is on the sea side and if you can get them, the rooms at the very top of the hill, have ocean views, prices around 750bt upwards.

Completing the picture, Chang Cliff Resort is a long standing 2/3 star resort, built atop the cliffs. It’s a distinctly Thai in style and aimed at that market, so maybe not where you will end up, but it’s worth a look inside just for its terrific cliff walk. Rooms range from 1,500bt to 3,000bt.

rooms para resort white sand beach koh chang

Para Resort

Per Night: BB – BBBB

Back from the Road

Last of the bungalows at this end of the area and on this side of the road, accommodation in two storey motel style block or in large a/c bungalows. Small restaurant, motorbike hire. If you going to end up at this far end, then here is a good bet.

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A Selection of Other White Sand Beach Hotels and Bungalows (South)

White Sand Beach, north or south, has far too many options to list in full, so here is a selection only to go with our recommendations above.

North to South

swimming pool plaloma resort white sand beach koh chang

Plaloma Cliff Resort

Per Night: BB – BBBB

Swiss owned, up on the cliffs, fan and a/c rooms, with pool and seafront bungalows. Swimming pool, restaurant. A few minutes walk down the hill to the beach.

swimming pool tops resort white sand beach koh chang

Top Resort

Per Night: BB – BBBB

German owned, on the cliffs, selection of standard or hotel rooms, with garden and seaview bungalows and villas. Swimming pool, international food at Paul’s , the in-house restaurant and the Foodland store downstairs.

rooms chang cliff resort white sand beach koh chang

Chang Cliff Resort

Per Night: BB – BBB

Selection of bungalows, rooms and suites built along and down the cliff, wih either sea or garden view. Hillside rooms too including SSP Bungalows across the road. Restaurant, bar and great views from the walkway zigzagging the cliff.

bungalow giant bungalows white sand beach koh chang

Giant Bungalows

Per Night: B – BB

Across the street on the seaside, fan and a/c bungalows around a simple car parking area and then a few more atop the hill, with grand views out to sea. Long term deals possible, need own transport, but not the worst choice. WiFi.

rooms baan aunrak white sand beach koh changg

Baan Aunrak

Per Night: BB – BBB

Set back from the road, small resort with whitewashed style bungalows and family room in two rows within a pretty garden area. Drinks, but no restaurant. Like the others in this area, need your own transport for the beach. Long term deals possible. WiFi.

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