Private Boat Trips and Snorkeling off Koh Chang

Private boat trips off Koh Chang are a great way to visit the nearby islands, as well as snorkel on the reefs in the National Park.

You can charter 2 different styles of private boats, either the wooden ones, which are converted fishing vessels or the standard speedboats. In both cases, their size is tailored according to the number in your party.

The wooden boats have 1, 2 or 3 decks and toilets on board whilst the speedboats are more functional, geared for quick transit from one spot to the next, with little decking and no conveniences. As you would expect, renting a wooden vessel for the day is cheaper than a speedboat.

3 Islands – Private Boat Trips

private boat trip at koh lao ya

A typical 3 island private boat trip leaves from Bang Bao Pier and heads over to Koh Laoya, which is one main island and a tiny islet at its southern tip. After going ashore here for a wander along its wonderful white sand beach, popping in for a swim, maybe a drink at the restaurant, you then can have lunch on the boat offshore or move onto Koh Wai.

There are various stops possible on Koh Wai, either at the beaches at the southern end or by the resorts along the coast. You can also snorkel in the shallow waters.

The third stop is at the uninhabited Koh Klum, which has its own little beach areas and some more snorkeling. Just before you reach Bang Bao Bay on your return, there is also time to call in at Monkey Rock to feed the ever expanding local wild troop.

This trip is perfect for families with little children as the snorkeling is not too taxing and the day does not need to be too long.

Down to Koh Rang

private boat trip koh chang

For those who prefer more of a snorkeling day out, the private boat goes to Koh Rang, the Marine Park area. This is one central long island with small reefed rocks dotted off its shores, all very calm and sheltered. On your way past, you will usually call in at the Koh Wai beaches but once at your destination, the boat parks up, allowing you to explore each reef at your leisure.

Lunch is aboard the boat and you can swim into Koh Rang itself with its own pretty little beaches. There is even time for a spot of fishing near Koh Klum on your way home as well of course a visit to Monkey Rock.

Speedboat – Private Boat

private boat trip koh chang

The private speedboat follows a very similar itinerary but being much faster, it can also go to other more out off the grid places.

Popular alternative spots include the deserted Wai Chek Beach on Koh Chang’s far western coast and Koh Ngam at the southern tip. Keen snorkelers can also tag on a jaunt south to the terrific snorkeling at the rock pinnacles of Hin Rap and Hin Luk Bat, popular with the divers.

Guide Prices for Chartering a Private Boat

All private boat trips include lunch, equipment and transfers to and from your resort. What time you start is entirely up to you.

Prices for the basic 3 island trip start from 6,500bt for the smaller wooden boat (up to 8 pax) and 7,500bt with the speedboat (for maximum 4 pax).

Please do contact us for further information on booking a day out on a private boat.

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