Travel Services and Timetables for Koh Chang, Koh Kood and Koh Mak – November 2021

As Thailand begins to open up again to foreign visitors, travel services to and from the Koh Chang islands are slowly increasing.

Below, we bring you all the lastest timetables for boats and flights as well as information on private transfers, buses and share minibuses:-

Private Transfers

Private transfers by SUV car or minbus from Bangkok (your SHA+ or AQ hotel) to your resort on Koh Chang or to the piers at Laem Ngop (Koh Mak) and Laem Sok (Koh Kood) are available as normal. Please follow the links immediately below for the full rundown:-

Koh Mak

At least until 30/11/21, the speedboat companies are pooling their resources via a rotating system over 3 days, whereby one company operates all 3 times in both directions on their allotted day. (Update: From 1/12/21, each company will revert to their normal timetables – see the main page here for details).

Seatales sits outside of this system, with, in theory, one boat each way daily, We advise you to call them in advance to check if their boat is indeed running – if they have no customers, you may find they decide not to go.

Boonsiri is currently not operating any service to Koh Mak from Laem Sok.

Speedboats Timetable – November 2021

To OR from
Laem Ngop Pier
Times to Koh MakTimes from Koh MakPrice THB
Panan, M Marine, Leelawadee
087 614 7641, 090 394 9986, 093 394 9324
***Rotating Service starting with Panan on 1st, Marine on 2nd, Leelawadee on 3rd and repeat till 30/11/21***
10.30, 12.30, 15.30
Companies rotating service so
to Koh Mak Resort (if Panan's day), Ao Nid (if Marine) or Makathanee Pier (if Leelawadee)
09.00, 11.30, 13.30
Companies rotating service so
from Koh Mak Resort (if Panan's day), Ao Nid (if Marine) or Makathanee Pier (if Leelawadee)
450bt per person

Child under 130cm 300bt, under 90cm free
092 669 4946
(To Ao Nid Pier)

(from Ao Nid Pier)

1/6/ to 30/9
No 12.30 except every Fri, Sat, Sun
450bt per person

Child under 130cm 300bt, under 90cm free

Koh Kood

Boats to and from Koh Kood are operating a near complete timetable.

Speedboats Timetable – November 2021

Times to Koh KoodTimes from Koh KoodPrice THB
Koh Kut Express Speedboat

Duration: 1 hour

600bt per person

Child 4 and over adult price, 3 and under free
Boonsiri Catamaran

Duration: 1 hour
10.45, 14.20

09.00, 12.00
500bt per person

Child 5 and over adult price, 4 and under free

Koh Kood Princess

Duration: 100 minutes
12.3010.00300bt per person

Child 4 to 9 1/2 price, 3 and under free
Koh Kut Express

Duration: 90 minutes
13.0010.00350bt per person

Child 4 and over adult price, 3 and under free

Bus/Boat Service

The Boonsiri bus and boat combination is reduced to just one service per day in each direction. Do contact us with your travel details if you would like to book.

Boonsiri Bus/Catamaran
Bangkok to Koh KoodKoh Kood to BangkokPrice THB
Meeting and Drop-off: Near Khao San Road

Can drop at Lad Krabang Airport Rail Link
05.00 Bus for 10.45 Boat

12.00 Boat for 14.00 Bus (Bangkok 20.30 to 21.00)1,000bt per person

Child 5 and over full price, 4 and under free

Flights between Suvarnabhumi Airport and Trat Airport – November 2021

Bangkok Airways is operating a much reduced service from Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Trat Airport (TDX), with just one flight in each direction daily – the lunchtime ones (PG305 to TDX, PG306 from TDX).

These lunchtime flights, with times as shown below, will make the boat connections for Koh Kood and Koh Mak.

To move between Trat Airport and your resort on Koh Chang, Laem Ngop Pier (for Koh Mak) or Laem Sok Pier (for Koh Kood), we offer our private car or minibus – please contact us using the form. Or you can send the details here.

The share minibus service is also now back, with prices from Trat Airport to Koh Chang at 550bt to 600bt per person depending on which beach. We can book this for you too.

Flight NumberDeparture Time from Suvarnabhumi (BKK)Arrival Time at Trat (TDX)
from 1,530bt excl. taxes
(one way, Websaver promotion in advance)
02 270 6699 (Bangkok)
039 551 654-5 (Trat)
+66 2 270 6699 (International)
1771 Call Center
Flight NumberDeparture Time from Trat (TDX) Arrival Time at Suvarnabhumi (BKK)
from 1,530bt excl. taxes
(one way, Websaver promotion in advance)
02 270 6699 (Bangkok)
039 551 654-5 (Trat)
+66 2 270 6699 (International)
1771 Call Center

Koh Chang Ferries

Ferry Koh Chang is back to near normal – timetable and details here.

Centerpoint is inching back to its full service, current times below.

Mainland (Centerpoint Pier)
Koh Chang (Dan Khao Pier)
Duration: 45 minutesDuration: 45 minutes
80bt per person | Return 160bt | Kids (under 9) free
100bt car | Return 180bt
30bt motorcycle | Return 50bt
Tel: 065 587 9655, 086 304 2726
80bt per person | Return 160bt | Kids (under 9) free
100bt car | Return 180bt
30bt motorcycle | Return 50bt

Inter Island Boats

Bang Bao Boats have restarted their slow wooden boat between the islands, with departure from Koh Chang at 09.00, reaching Koh Mak at 11.00 and Koh Kood at 12.00. The return is at 13.00, so it reaches Koh Mak by 14.00 and Koh Chang by 16.00. Prices are here.

On Koh Chang, there is a free shuttle taxi between your resort and the pier. On Koh Mak, you use the local taxi or contact your resort to ask them for collection. On Koh Kood, the company does offer a share taxi too but this may not be free from certain resorts – check ahead so there is not confusion.

Speedbooat services operated by Bang Bao Boats, Kai Bae Nor Nou and Boonsiri between Koh Kood, Koh Mak and Koh Chang are all still suspended due to the pandemic. If you do not want to use the wooden boat as above, you will need to use private boats – ask locally once there – or return to the mainland and travel by car to the appropriate pier.

Buses and Minibuses to Koh Chang – November 2021

You can also now use buses and public share minibuses to make your way from Bangkok to Koh Chang.

From Khao San Road

Boonsiri is running its daily bus to Koh Chang, with departure from near Khao San Road at 05.00, 1,000bt per person each way, kids 5 and over full price. The return is at 11.00, though check on booking as it uses the Centerpoint ferry service, with their times changed as above. The price includes the ferry ticket and delivery to or collection from your resort. We can organise this for you so please send your requirements via the reservation form here.

999 Bus

The 999 bus from Ekamai Bus Station to Centerpoint Ferry is now running once daily at 07.45, price at around 260bt per person. The ferry ticket at 80bt is separate, available at the pier. You make your own way once on the island using the songthaew taxis. The return back to Bangkok is at 14.30 daily.

You can also use this service for Koh Mak. On arrival at the pier, simply jump on a short hop songthaew taxi to Laem Ngop Pier, where you can catch the speedboat. Any questions, Relax Tours at Centerpoint, the last shop unit in the row, are very helpful.

Note too, that the 999 bus calls in at Suvarnabhumi Airport Bus Station (Transportation Centre) on its way through from Bangkok, estimated time there at around 08.15 to 08.30. From the terminal, head to the Transportation Center using the free shuttle bus – every ten minutes, from Arrivals, Floor 2, Door 3, Traffic Lane 3 or Departures, Floor 4, Door 1. Use the Express route A (4,2), travel time 5 to 7 minutes, rather than the ordinary route A, unless you have a particular hankering to tour the whole Airport Complex.

Suvarnabhunmi Burapha Airport Bus

Provided you have been approved for internal travel (finished Test and Go, Sandbox or Quarantine), then you can also use Suvarnabhumi Burapha Bus service direct from the Airport. It is currently offering 06.00 down and 12.00 back, 600bt with ferry ticket and delivery to your resort onb Koh Chang or 900bt round trip. If booking a return, there is normally an additional 100bt to 150bt charge for collection from your resort if staying in Lonely Beach to Bang Bao.

To book, either go to their booth by Door 8, Floor 1 at Suvarnabhumi and jump on the first one leaving or call +66 (0)89 113 3490 or +66 (0)83 794 2122 (Bangkok) and or +66 (0)81 660 5926 and +66 (0)39 550 078 (Koh Chang).

Public Bus and Minibus

From Ekamai Bus Station, the public buses run by Cherdchai are available to Trat. It’s best to go in person the day before for which times are running or call +66 (0)2 391 4164, (0)2 391 2237 or (0)2 391 2804. Expect services to run around at least every 2 hours, starting at 05.00, final bus at 23.30. If you wish to get out for Koh Chang, they will drop you at the Saen Tung junction (about 25km from Trat). From there, you can pick up an orange songthaew taxi (50bt per person) for the ferry piers.

The public share minibus starts at 06.00 and runs till 12.00 for Koh Chang, 320bt per person including the ferry ticket. That too normally swaps you to a songthaew for the final leg to the piers. For Trat, there are also later departures from Ekamai.

Share Minibus – Hotel to Hotel

This service has yet re-started, so please check back next month. Their resumption will depend on tourist numbers and indeed demand for a shared service with other passengers outside of your group or family. Private minibuses are of course available – all the details are here.

UPDATED 27th November 2021

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