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In this section of our Koh Chang activities section of Features, we give you tips, guides and recommendations  for days out exploring the islands.

On the water, a boat trip is one of the most popular of the Koh Chang activities. You can hop on a speedboat or a wooden boat as a private charter or or as part of a group. With the private speedboat, you can hit the the smaller Koh Chang islands at your own pace and on an itinerary to beat the crowds. All sizes of boat are available so any group can be catered to.

Trekking lets you see Koh Chang from a different perspective - the jungle! You can climb to the tallest peak for amazing 360° views. Or you could make the rewarding trek through the interior from one side of the island to another.

A visit to one of the waterfalls too is another great morning or afternoon out. Some are easy to get to, some more of an adventure, we give a few tips.

And the mangroves over in the south east of the island are a really interesting 1/2 day trip. You can combines them with a trip to the remote east coast beaches.

We also suggest a nice cycling day in the south east of the island and even a visit to an old cruise ship near Bang Bao Beach.

Use these features and articles in conjunction with the main Things to Do pages for each island.

Klong Neung Waterfall – Salak Phet Koh Chang

waterfall klong neung

We explore Klong Neung watefall in Salak Phet in the south east of Koh Chang. Perhaps the most secret of the waterfalls, tips on how to get there, how to get to the drop itself. More activities and things to do on the island.

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Chek Bae – A Cycle Tour

bicycle by sea chek bae

An afternoon out bicycling in the south east corner of the island at Chek Bae. Information on the offshore islands, the local fishing village, lunch and a visit to the beach. More great things to do in Koh Chang.

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The Koh Chang Elephant – Ears and Camps

Might the Koh Chang elephants be why the island’s called Koh Chang? Did they swim here? Why not go on an elephant trek and ask them yourself. Our introduction to these wonderful creatures as we celebrate Thai National Elephant Day,

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Mangroves in Koh Chang – Walkways at Salak Phet and Salak Khok

red bridge mangroves salak phet

Down in the south east of Koh Chang, we take time out to walk around the mangroves at Salak Phet and Salak Khok. Stunning natural forests, with ambient sound, great views and perfect peace and quiet.

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