Deal Reached in Encroachment Case of Collapsed Koh Chang Hotel

In the ongoing land encroachment case, Mr Boonchuey Kulsriworachai, owner of Siam Beach Resort Koh Chang, has reached an agreement with National Park chief, Mr Veera Khunchairak and Pol Col Arwat Pibulsawat, superintendent of Koh Chang police .

The deal agrees that Mr Boonchuey will forgo ownership rights on parts of his 58-rai of land at the northern end of Lonely Beach, if the government and local authorities can prove they encroach on National Park land.

Previous Hotel Collapse

Siam Beach Resort came under intense scrutiny earlier in June, when one whole accommodation block collapsed after heavy rain. The collapse caused the death of one Thai tourist and injured five others.

Initial investigation by the Council of Engineers out of Bangkok and Trat Public Works and Town Planning Department revealed substandard construction practices. Buildings, it seems, are built on reclaimed swamp land so succumbing to entirely predictable soil erosion.

The relevant Koh Chang department lost the approved buildings’ plans in a flood a few years ago. On-site analysis carried out this month by the engineering team, however, have exposed elementary construction errors , including woefuly inadequate pilings and foundations.

The authorities have recommended the other 5 blocks in that area of the hotel are demolished.

Encroachment Details

Meanwhile, the Land Office, working alongside the other departments, also highlighted apparent irregularities in the property land deeds.

According to the owner, Mr Boonchuey, the whole plot, was passed down to him from his father. It was issued with Nor Sor Sam Kor accreditation before the establishment of the National Park in 1982.

As a gesture of goodwill, Mr Boonchuey has announced his willingness to return the disputed land to the State, if the encroachment case goes against him.

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