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Koh Chang Diving Gets Second Wreck

divers crows nest htms chang

Wreck diving on Koh Chang – news here from the early days when the first wrecks were sent to the bottom of which HTMS Chang is a huge success.

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Koh Kood – The Secret Waterfall Laid Bare

waterfall sign koh kood

A curious road in the forest opens up Koh Kood’s secret waterfall and combined with ancient trees nearby, it is worth getting on a motorbike and having a closer look.

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Koh Rang National Park Fee On Hold

A Park fee planned for visits to Koh Rang, principal diving and snorkeling site in Koh Chang National Park, on ice after furious local reaction. (This fee has now been introduced at 200bt per adult, 100bt per child, Thais at 40bt per adult, 20bt per child – March 2015)

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