Monthly Archive: February 2014

Local Style Fast Food

Move over Tesco Lotus, as our local Koh Chang vegetable shop down in Salak Phet mixes up Thai curry ingredients and pastes in ready to cook bags, local style fast food.

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Tambun – Blessing your Thai Home

Our guide to a traditional Thai house blessing or Tambun. Monks from the local Koh Chang temple assemble to perform the rights, locals look on reverently and then everyone eats from plates and plates of specially prepared delicious food.

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Ruan Thai Seafood – Bang Bao – Restaurant Review

A review of Ruan Thai Seafood in Bang Bao Koh Chang. Perhaps the best of the diners on the pier, we put their kitchen to the test with orders of sea-bass in chilli sauce and soft shelled crab with black pepper.

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