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Chinese New Year – Firecrackers and Sticky Cakes

pier chinese temple koh chang

Our guide to Chinese New Year, the temples on Koh Chang at Klong Son and down in Dan Mai on the east coast. Shops full of traditional Thai desserts and firecrackers at dawn.

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Change in Trat – Slow Development of the Market Town


With a steady rise in tourism on Koh Chang and the islands, Trat, the nearest mainland town, shows its own signs of creeping change.

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Long Beach Koh Chang – A Holiday Adventure

low tide long beach koh chang

Our take on one of the least known of the Koh Chang beaches, Long Beach, down in the far south east corner of the island. We take you along its awful ever-crumbling road, give a sense of its adventure and throw in some tips on what to find when you get there.

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Koh Chang Diving Gets Second Wreck

divers crows nest htms chang

Wreck diving on Koh Chang – news here from the early days when the first wrecks were sent to the bottom of which HTMS Chang is a huge success.

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