Koh Chang Trekking, Bird Watching and Canopying

koh-chang-trekking-bird-watchingKoh Chang trekking has become very organised over the last couple of years, with small companies conducting Englsih speaking tours in different parts of the island.

Koh Chang Trekking – The Guides

The Koh Chang trekking guides, Tan, Raht, Toon and Yam, are both experienced and knowledgeable, with a genuine love and enthusiasm for the island’s ecosytem. They offer full day and 1/2 treks deep into the interior at Klong Son, Klong Prao Beach, Kai Bae and even across the island from Klong Plu Waterfall to Than Mayom Waterfall. You can also scale two of the tallest peaks on the island, Salak Phet (744m) in the east and Khao Jom Prasat (630m) that overlooks White Sand Beach on the west coast.

The beauty and delight of Koh Chang’s flora and fauna is its wildness, so whilst there are paths and the routes have been followed many times, it is still raw jungle, so expect a hard but very rewarding trekking day – hot and sticky, scrambling up rocky inclines, vegetation that fights back, water crossings, vines and more. The shorter treks over 1/2 days are suitable for children and more senior visitors.

Transfer, lunch, water, snacks, backpack and mosquito repellent are included in the trekking price and it is suggested you wear good footwear, non-brightly coloured clothing and bring swimming gear with a towel. We would also advise bringing extra water bottles and light snacks.

Why not Contact Us and we will organise everything for you, nothing for you do other than exchange a few emails, so we know exactly the date, time, numbers and so on, then pay when when you get here. We can also organise private one person, 2 person and group treks.

Koh Chang Trekking – Companies, Routes and Prices

Tan Trekking

From 600bt to 1,500bt

Half Days and Full Days

Mondays and Fridays – Tan offers a full but gentle trek day in Klong Son, with 500m peak at Khao Chedi and then the chance for an elephant ride at Ban Kwang Chang. 1,000bt or 1,500bt with the elephant ride.
Wednesdays and Sundays – A whole day’s tough trek up the 630m Khao Jom Prasat with its breathtaking views out over White Sand. 1,100bt per person
Tuesdays and Saturdays – In Klong Prao, full day trekking to the rarely visited Klong Prao waterfall and 500m ascent. 1,000bt per person
Thursdays – Also in Klong Prao, a much easier 1/2 day trek through the interior – great for families. 600bt per person

Koh Chang Jungle Trekking

From 850bt to 1,200bt

Full Days

Every day except Fridays For 2015 to 2016 season, Raht has switched to a brand new trekking route in the Kai Bae Jungle with full trek days offered over two different programs; the jungle trek or the cross mountain and jungle trek combined. 850bt per person
Fridays Only – A whole day’s tough trek up the 744m Salak Phet Peak followed by a swim in the Bonsai tree waterfall and a walk in the mangrove forest. 1,200bt per person

Jungle Fever Trekking

From 700bt to 1,300bt

Half Days and Full Days

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Yam takes you across the island from Klong Plu Waterfall on the west coast to Than Mayom Waterfall on the east coast. Good, hard trekking, jungle interiors, rarely seen upper waterfall levels. 1,300bt per person, minimum 2 persons unless private
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays – A half-day trek in the Klong Prao area, waterfall and jungle. 700bt per person

Koh Chang Bird Watching

Bird watching is one of Koh Chang’s lesser known activities but an absolute must for the enthusiast. Toon, a born and bred Koh Changer, leads small, early morning tours into the forest near Klong Plu, with pick-up from your resort around 07.00am and return at midday. He is a passionate ornithologist, with a deep knowledge of both local and migratory birds. October to April are the best months, with birds stopping off at Koh Chang on their way to Siberia.

The half day costs 800bt per person if two or more, 1,300bt per person if just one. For photography enthusiasts, you can also rent out a secret forest hide near to a watering hole, contact us for more details.

Some gallery shots courtesy of Toon below.

Salak Khok Kayak Station can also organise tours up Salak Phet and there are other guides on the eastern side who can be booked via the resorts around the bay.

For reference, mammals recorded on the island include macaques and langurs, loris and pangolin, muntjac, wild boar and civet with birds varying from kingfishers to swifts, bulbuls to sunbirds, egrets to herons, shikra, eagle and falcon. Python and King Cobra amongst other snake species are resident on the island, with monitor lizards and the Koh Chang Rana Frog also part of a rich amphibian and reptile population. Dipterocarps, Gum, Fishtail and Rattan Palm are part of the tropical rainforest that covers approximately 75% of the island, with large areas of mangrove, particularly in the bays on the eastern side.


Not Koh Chang trekking as such but adventurous nonetheless, canopying offers you the chance to get a unique aerial view of the flora and fauna.

Treetop Adventure Park

Bailan Beach,southern end
Per Person: 950bt (pick-up round trip 150bt)
Open from 9.00am to 5.00pm

Canopying through the trees from one high platform to another. Tarzan swings, zip lines, rope bridges, flying bikes. Full safety training and procedures including double slings, properly maintained equipment and insurance. Energetic, fun, no kids under 12 unaccompanied. Two daily pick-ups from your resort starting in Klong Son at 8.00am or 13.00pm. Kids are not half-price.

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