Koh Chang Snorkeling, Fishing and Boat Trips

Koh Chang Snorkeling – What You Get on the Boat Trips

koh-chang-snorkeling-fishing-boat-tripKoh Chang snorkeling trips out to the Marine Park at Koh Rang have become an integral part of any visitor’s stay on the island. The snorkeling is actually very good if sometimes a bit busy and the sea normally flat and calm.

Choices range from very large wooden tour boats carrying 100 or more to less crowded but more expensive food buffet cruises, to the dive boats themselves. Speedboats ply the same routes or can be rented privately. Each of these provide options from 1/2 days to full days, from 3 island trips to 5 island tours.

Collection and drop-off from your resort is free, together with food, fruit, water and mask/snorkel. Beer or other soft drinks are additional costs, as are fins, usually rented out for the day at 100bt. Life jackets are provided on all boats.

Why not Contact Us and we will organise everything for you, nothing for you do other than exchange a few emails, so we know exactly the date, time, numbers, private trip or shared trip and so on, then pay when when you get here. We will only use our trusted recommendations, unless you state otherwise.

Koh Chang Snorkeling – 5 islands, 4 islands and 3 islands

The 3 island, 4 island and 5 island tag, complete with its dizzying list of names, generally refers to those offshore from Koh Rang, the centre of the marine park.

Koh Chang Snorkeling – Guide to 4/5 islands Boat Trips

The 4/5 island snorkeling trips, which leave from Bang Bao about 09.00am take around an hour to reach Koh Rang, where they moor up towards the southern end. You get 45 minutes to snorkel around the rock, Koh Yak, then head over to the beach at Koh Rang itself for some lunch, before going back to the second rock, Koh Yak Lek, for another snorkel session. Both these two rocks have some great coral and the snorkeling is very good, with nice gentle currents and usually very clear visibility. The dive boats also head here.

After this, the boat will head back towards Koh Chang but stop for some hook and line fishing at Koh Klum (uninhabited) on your way back. The final brief stop is at Monkey Rock just before you enter Bang Bao Bay, reaching the pier at 16.00 to 16.30.

Koh Chang Snorkeling – Guide to 3 islands Boat Trips

The 3 island trip varies according to the company but will include Koh Wai, with the boats stopping at either the beach at Paradise Resort, at Koh Wai Pakarang Resort with its round meeting room on the pier. Some boats also stop at the two lovely small strands of white sand in the south east corner after the wooden jetty at Ao Yai Ma (Grandma’s Huts). After Koh Wai, you head across to Koh Klum and maybe also Koh Laoya, which as a small resort and another lovely beach. These snorkeling trips leave later in the morning at 10.30, and arrive back at 16.00.

Koh Chang Snorkeling – Private Boat Trips

Koh Chang Snorkeling from bang bao koh chang We organise a very popular private trip on a small wooden boat or speedboat, which leaves from the pier at Bang Bao. Prices start from 6,500bt depending on numbers and availability. Transfer, food, snorkel equipment, fishing equipment, soft drinks and water are all included. This would give you a tour down to Koh Rang, Koh Wai and home, but you can set your own itinerary.

Private speedboats are available with price dependent on how many people and where you want to go. As a guide, 4 persons to Koh Wai, across to Koh Laoya and then back to Koh Klum is 7,000bt, 8,500bt for 4 to Koh Mak and Koh Kham, same price for a Koh Rang and Koh Wai day.

We also specialise in boat trips for large private groups, in particular pre-wedding or post-wedding. Prices on request.

Koh Chang Snorkeling – Koh Rang Tax

Please note that there is a 200bt (100bt kids) government tax or 40bt/20bt (Thai Nationals) for visiting Koh Rang. Collection is either in Bang Bao before you leave or on site by the rangers in an inflatable dinghy. This fee is not included in our guide to the snorkeling prices.

Koh Chang Snorkeling and Boat Trips – Companies and Prices

Mr Khai Tours

4 Islands/3 Islands

Lovely garishly painted boats in different sizes. Lunch, water, coffee, tea, fruit, hook and line fishing, transfer to and from your resort. 4 island leaves at 9.00am and returns at 16.30pm, 3 islands times are 10.30am to 16.00, perhaps better for small kids.

Bang Bao Boats

1/2 day and Full Day
500bt to 700bt

Leaving at 9.30am and returning by 2.00pm, half day speedboat trip to Koh Mak. Half day or full day wooden boat trips to Koh Wai, leaving 09.00am, return 14.00 or 16.30. Do not include lunch, vouchers given and does include transfers, snorkel & mask if needed.

Kon Tiki

Per Person: 1,500bt

Large, well-appointed wooden boat. Different route which includes a tour around Koh Rang, Koh Wai and finishing with feeding the monkeys on the cliffs. Huge gourmet buffet, soft drinks all day, snorkel equipment, collection and drop-off, 9.00am till 5.00pm.

Kai Bae Huts Speedboat

5 island or 1/2 day – out of Kai Bae

Speed boat tour, 9.00am to 4.00pm, visiting beaches in east corner on Koh Wai and then to Koh Rang. Transfer, food, mask and fins. 1/2 day trip visits islands off Kai Bae, mainly Koh Yuak, morning or afternoon, but no food.

Perm Poon Sub

1/2 day
Per Person: 800bt

1/2 Day speedboat tour to Koh Wai, across to Koh Klum for lunch and then out to Hin Luk Rap and Hun Bat, the rock pinnacles south of Koh Chang. Excellent coral but stronger currents. Leaves from the pier at 10.00am, return 14.30. Food, snorkel and mask, transfer included. Fins if available 100bt.

Sea Adventures

Sailing – out of White Sand Beach
Per Person: 1,750bt

13m wharram catamaran which sails off the west coast of Koh Chang at Kai Bae beach and off Klong Son in the north. Free transfer, food, mask and snorkel. Beers and wine extra. 9.00am till 5.00pm. Lots of room for sunbathing too.

Koh Chang Snorkeling – Other Boat Trip Options

It is also possible to go snorkeling with any of the Koh Chang dive boats, prices ranging from 800bt to 950bt. They obviously go where the visibility is best for divers and so might be at Koh Rang one day and the next day, at Hin Rap and Hin Luk Bat, the two rocky outcrops which lie south west of Koh Chang, where the diving is very good. Numbers aboard are never too high, all food, transfer and equipment with fins are included.

On the Koh Chang east coast, Salak Phet Seafood among others run trips out to Koh Phrao Nok (Koh Sai Khao) in Salak Phet bay, Koh Laoya, further out from the bay, Long Beach and Koh Ngam, both in the far south east corner of the island. These are in much smaller launches, with local transfer included, but check for food and snorkel equipment. Prices range from 1,500bt to 2,500bt depending on where you wish to go.

Koh Chang Fishing – Companies and Guide Prices

Fishing off Koh Chang is possible with a couple of companies, but this is not that aventurous style of deep sea fishing found in other parts of the world. Indeed, Koh Chang’s version often seems to disappoint the real enthusiasts. If you lower your expectations, then it’s still makes for a great day out, with food and beers on board. You will definintely catch something ideal for the bbq, but it’s unlikely to require you being strapped into the swivel chair at the back of the boat as you are dragged in the direction of Cambodia.

Rodjanaphan Fishing Tours

Per Day/Night: 1,300bt

Large and small converted wooden fishing boats with GPS which does day and night trips, 9.00am to 4.00pm and 6.00pm till 11.00pm. Food, equipment and transfer. Private trips possible.

Sea Hunter

Per Day/Night: 1,300bt

Selection of well equipped and different sized boats, with on board GPS. 09.00am to 16.00, 18.00 to 23.00. Food, transfers, water all included. Private groups.

The Swedish owned restaurant Fishermen Hut in Salak Phet also offers day trips on its wooden boat at 5,000bt a day. They trawl with rod and line, so catches are high.

We can book either the share or private fishing trips with any of the above, do contact us for more information.

Fishing from the island itself is also not the best. The piers are good spots to start, including those down on the east coast, round the back of Nirvana Resort in Bang Bao or Chaichet Resort and the cape there. There are several tackle shops, on Bang Bao Pier itself, across the road from near Noren Resort in Klong Prao Beach and one just after the hospital in Dan Mai.

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