Klong Prao Beach Restaurants – Our Guide

UPDATED for 2018-19 Season

klong prao beach restaurants koh chang

Klong Prao Beach restaurants cover the full range of options from cheap Thai food to hotel dining, seafood to chic diners.

Seafood – Klong Prao Beach Restaurants

On the northern canal (klong), Iyara Seafood and Phu Talay, serve up all the usual Thai seafood restaurant choices in a lovely setting down on terraces by the water’s edge, while The Cape, another very dependable option, has its own terrific location at the the mouth of the canal. You can access Iyara Seafood and Phu Talay by turning in off the main road at Ramayana Resort. For The Cape, there’s a clearly signed track off the main road a few hundred metres before.

Perhaps the best of the seafood bunch is the hugely popular JE Seafood, which can be found by the bridge near the old airfield and elephant camp. On weekends and holidays, the Thais fill the restaurant to capacity, as good as recommendation as you can get and the food is indeed excellent.

At the far southern end, the in-house restaurant at Magic Resort, up on stilts over the sea, is also worth a look if in the area.

Thai – Klong Prao Beach Restaurants

In the central temple area, a stretch that runs from the large 7/11 opposite the Tourist Police at one end to Noren Resort by the bridge at the other, Tonsai and Kati Culinary are two Koh Chang’s restaurants out of the top drawer. Both offer shorter Thai menus, where interesting choices sit alongside the more well known dishes. The cooking is unquestionably of a high standard, with a concentration on delicate seasoning and spicing as well as presentation. Kati, which also has a cooking school on-site, opens for lunchtime and dinner. Tonsai opens in the evenings only.

Also with its own cooking school, Blue Lagoon on the bank of the southern canal serves fusion, Thai and western in its salas by the water.

For Issan style food, Bam and Boy, opposite the temple remains as delicious as ever but you could also try the basic looking spot shortly before JE Seafood, complete with its chickens turning temptingly on the spit at the front. Up by the main waterfall at Klong Plu, the ramshackle looking One Million Somtams makes a great stop for lunch high up over the river.

Chumnan, was very popular in its old spot on the main drag, but it has now moved down off the main to the acccess street to Santhiya Tree and Tiger Huts. Time will tell if it can keep up its reputation for cheap and tasty in its new home.

Just before Kati and Tonsai, look out for the excellent southern Thai curry and rice shop, Raan Gaeng Som at the front of Potato Restaurant, with two dishes over rice a tasty steal at 50bt, and as is the traditional southern way, a side dish of fresh raw vegetables with dipping paste (nam prik goong siap). They also have braised pork leg (khao kha muu).

Shortly after Klong Prao School opposite Krongtarra and 3 Seasons, a large market area gets going from morning onwards with plenty of cheap stalls along the front and you can tuck into cheap noodle soups, dishes on rice and somtam at plastic tables by the road. The Muslim one at the start has quickly established itself as the locals’ favorite – great curries such as khua kling (fiery hot minced pork) with the usual nam prik goong siap served alongside and lots of soups. It’s usually sold out by late morning.

At the southern end, there’s less choice up on the street, but down on the sand, you will find plenty to keep you happy with the thatch strip of Klong Prao Beach Restaurants at Mandalay, Family and Pilot. Each is open from morning right through till late at night, offering all the usual suspects for Thai food, western choices, cocktails, shakes and cold beers. Nearby, Just Thai at Emerald Cove or on the terrace at The Dewa both offer more upmarket dining as an alternative, with neither outrageously expensive.

At the northern end on the beach, Tiger Huts in-house restaurant is right on the oceanfront, decent food and drinks served all day and a perfect place to watch the world go by.

Coffee Shops and Bakeries – Klong Prao Beach Restaurants

Mochaccino makes a decent blend just near to the road down to Tropicana Resort, once again in that central temple area. There’s yet another branch of Marin Coffee around here too.

For bakeries, Crust, next door to the main 7-11, is usually considered the island’s best, but there are also two new decent additions, Boonma and Bread Basket, in the avenue of shop houses by Klong Prao Resort. Incidentally, Waree Coffee has a lovely spot on the beach next door to the resort itself. Finally, the newly opened Alchemy, bistro and bar on the road near the southern end, does a very nice line in breakfasts amongst lots of other contemporary menu choices and its signature mixology.

Klong Prao Beach Restaurants – Our Favourites

Pricing Code/Per person in Baht (B) excluding drinks:
B= under 100; BB= under 500; BBB= over 500;
Please click on an image to expand

Phu Talay

Per Person: BB-BBB

On the canal (klong) at the northern end, very cute beach hut style seafood restaurant, with a terrace out over the water. All the usual favourites but in our experience can be a bit up and down. Still, a romantic spot. Can organise trips to see the fireflies.

Iyara Seafood

Per Person: BB-BBB

Just down from Phu Talay, another Thai seafood restaurant with lots of polished teak floors and low cushion seating. Great location, good cooking every time, can be very popular with tours. Will arrange a boat to see the fireflies too.

One Million Somtams

Per Person: B-BB

On the inland road near the entrance to the waterfall, excellent shack restaurant selling somtam, chicken and pork, sticky rice, cold drinks. Cheap, tasty and lovely peaceful location down by the river in the shade of the trees.

JE Seafood

Per Person: BB-BBB

Or Jae Aew Seafood as it is said, very popular seafood restaurant in an unglamorous location roadside by the bridge towards the northern end. Real Thai cooking with strong flavours, whether spicy, sour or sweet. Can get very very busy with vacationing Thais.

Tiger Huts

Per Person: B-BB

At the northern end, restaurant of the bungalows that makes a perfect people watching spot on its concrete dais. Full menu available all day, fried noodles to whole fish, pizzas, sandwiches. Again not high dining but easy to waste a very agreeable afternoon.

Crust Bakery

Per Person: BB

Opposite the temple in the main street hub, probably the island’s best bakery with an array of sandwiches and baguettes, hot and cold, western fillings, salami, ham, cheeses, coffee and croissants. Seating for breakfasts.

Raan Gaeng Som

Per Person: B-BB

Housed in Potato Restaurant, authentic curry and rice shop serving up beef and chicken curries, bamboo, pumpkin or pickled cabbage with egg, clams in red curry paste, spicy fried cat fish. Cheap and excellent, busy with Thai workers, drivers and locals.

Bam & Boy

Per Person: BB

Roadside place again in the main hub with somtam, chicken on the spit and sticky rice or DIY Korean bbq (Thai style) at the table with the conical hat and charcoal burner. Cheap, cheerful, good quality Thai Issan cooking and a very well liked spot.

Kati Culinary

Per Person: BB-BBB

Generally hailed as one of the island’s very best Thai restaurants with classic dishes executed perfectly in small and intimate surroundings. Lunch and dinner, can get very busy. Cooking school on site.


Per Person: BB-BBB

Again roadside opposite Kati, a long established very good Thai restaurant with an interesting menu of small starters, curries, noodles and Thai salads, all well cooked, spiced and presented. A mellow sophisticated atmosphere. Dinner only, so fills up fast.

Blue Lagoon

Per Person: BB

A wonderful location on the southern canal, with seating in little salas over the water. Thai food, usual wide selection of curries, salads, some western food. Cooking school on site, though not connected to the restaurant, with bungalows separate as well.

Family Restaurant

Per Person: B-BB

Perhaps the best of three similar thatch bar/diners on this southern section of the beach. Decent Thai dishes, simply spiced, with some western food thrown in, fruit shakes, beers, all served up on bamboo tables on the sand.

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