Chai Chet Nightlife – Top Bars


Chai Chet nightlife is either targeted at single men or non-existent. If you are not the former, then our two local choices are below or we suggest you head out for the evening to White Sand Beach, on to Kai Bae Beach or even right up to Lonely Beach.

If you fall into the first group, however, then the northern end of Chai Chet is manna sent from heaven. Starting at the so called Entertainment Complex, with Maji Bar and the German owned Franky’s Roadhouse on its corner and continuing all the way down to the hardware store opposite the garage, one side of the street is lined with beer bars offering you know what.

Many are up for sale, many are closed, but there are still plenty of others open from lunchtime onwards and you can even find VIP Karaoke, which keeps its trade secrets behind closed doors. As to which is the best for entertainment and company, it is probably best to just head on down there, suck it and see.

Chai Chet Nightlife – Our Favourite Bars

Malibu Bar

In the Middle

In Coconut Plaza, small bar fronting out onto the concrete with a different ambiance to the normal Chai Chet beer bars at the northern end. Laid back and comfortable, usual cold beers, cocktails, good reggae, friendly owners. Not the worst spot to spend an evening.

Flora i Talay

Northern end, by the road

At the far southern end of the beach, funky design bar and restaurant at the boutique resort, with bamboo tables on the sand or chill out areas with cushions, pool table, good mellow music though they do like to crank it from time to time, sundowners and evening hang out. Nice vibe.

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