Bailan Beach Nightlife – Top Bars


In days gone by, most people who stayed in Bailan Beach came to escape the nightlife next door in Lonely Beach and even as the village has developed, not much has changed – it still makes absolutely no discernible mark on the Koh Chang scene.

Expect chilled spots where you find them and if they open late it’s not for dancing and techno, but laid back times.

Bailan Beach Nightlife – Our Favourite Bars

Tarzan Island

Northern End, by the road

Large bar and restaurant with nightly live music from the house band and guest singers. Reggae, blues and rock. Thai, western food and bbq, cold beers and spirits. Can get quite a head of steam some nights, but never late.

Jungle Garden

Northern end, by the road

Owned by a friendly German and Thai couple, a natural style chill-out bar and restaurant with seating over the river. Cocktails and beers, western and Thai food, mellow reggae and lounge music. Open till late. Hammocks for sale out front.

Lisca Beach

Southern end

Among the coconut trees in the corner of the bay, small beach bar with deckchairs, happy hours, Italian food, the odd acoustic set and fireshow and overall laid back atmosphere

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