Songkran 2015 Koh Chang – In Pictures

songkran-2015-koh-chang Over the last few days, Koh Chang has been celebrating Songkran 2015, the Thai New Year Water Festival, with holidaymakers from Bangkok and the provinces descending on the island en masse. The celebrations began in earnest on Sunday night and three days later show little signs of abating, with each afternoon building to a crescendo of frenzied water throwing, accompanied by copious carousing to as loud a backbeat as possible. Chaos is as apt a description as any but if you go with the flow, it can be enormous fun.

Of course, it’s also a time for families to get together, very much in the same vein as westerners congregate for Xmas. There’s lots of eating, more drinking, maybe a temple visit but above all, it’s a chance for everyone to catch up and kick back.

Songkran 2015 Koh Chang – In Pictures

We nipped out to catch some of the action, getting very very wet for our efforts. Click on an image to enlarge and then use the arrows to scroll through the gallery of Songkran 2015 Koh Chang.