Private Speedboat Trips off Koh Chang

private speedboat trip koh chang

Private Speedboat Trips – Koh Chang Islands

Private speedboat trips off Koh Chang are a popular day out on the water, giving you the chance to explore the outlying islands, maybe visit some deserted beaches and of course snorkel.

The speedboats come in different sizes according to the size of your group, with capacity for 4 people right up to 30. They have cushion seating at the front and rear but they do not have an on-board toilet. Speed is what sets them apart from the private wooden boat trips, enabling you to personally tailor the day according to your needs.

4 Island Trip – Private Speedboat Trips

The best snorkeling off Koh Chang is down at the Marine Park at Koh Rang, where tiny islets are scattered offshore from the main island. Some excellent reefs surround these islets, with all manner of corals providing a home to an abundance of fish and underwater life. Koh Rang itself is uninhabited bar a few government buildings for the Park Rangers and a couple of bungalows which can be booked by the night – in reality they are exclusively used by small groups of Thai tourists.

This is the most popular spot for snorkeling but with an early start from Koh Chang, you arrive before the larger tour boats, so can have the place to yourself, lots of time for swimming, exploring and relaxing. Once finished here, you can easily call in at Koh Wai on your way back and even tag on a trip out to more superb reefs at Hin Luk Bat and Hin Rap, the rock pinnacles south of Koh Chang.

3 Island Trip – Private Speedboat Trips

private speedboat trip koh chang

Another gentle day out is the standard 3 island trip of Koh Laoya, Koh Wai and Koh Klum. You can start early or late, with the first port of call usually at the terrific beach at Koh Laoya, which is also home to a solitary resort.

After looking around here, maybe a swim and a drink, the private speedboat can then whip across to Koh Wai for some snorkeling. After that, you also head to the far end of the uninhabited Koh Klum, which has its own tiny beach. Monkey Rock, with its large troop of wild monekys, is the final stop.

Other Places to Visit – Private Speedboat Trips

private speedboat trip koh chang

A private speedboat also gives you the flexibility to visit a few more spots off the beaten track.

Using the 3 island as the base for a trip, you may want to start with a visit to Wai Check Beach on Koh Chang’s far west coast. With its untamed natural beauty, it’s a great place to take a stroll with a lagoon at one end and interestingly, a new house on the hill above.

From here, you can continue along the shore to the tip of the island, where Koh Ngam lies a few hundred metres offshore. Koh Ngam is effectively 2 long hilly rocks joined by a thin beach in the middle, which can be accessed from both sides. Comparisons are sometimes made with Koh Phi Phi. There’s time to go ashore to check out the abandoned but well maintained resort but best of all you can take a dip in the delightful blue waters.

private speedboat trip koh chang

Continuing on for the day, after a visit to Koh Laoya and Koh Klum, another alternative destination is the south western coast of Koh Wai. Almost all daytrippers to the island head for the northern shore, where the 2 resorts and 2 smaller bungalow operations are located.

With the speedboat, you have that bit more flexibility, which means you can discover spots like this – a charming small enclosed bay with a beach at one end, home to a rangers’ station and trails leading to the other side.

Guide Prices – Private Boat

All private boat trips include lunch, equipment and transfers to and from your resort. What time you start is entirely up to you. Prices for the basic 3 island trip start from 7,500bt with the speedboat (for maximum 4 pax).

Please do contact us for further information or if you would like me to pre-book a day.