Klong Plu Waterfall in Klong Prao

klong-plu-waterfall-klong-prao-beach-koh-changLocated deep inland in the Klong Prao beach area on the west coast, Klong Plu Waterfall is the principal waterfall on Koh Chang. You can wile away a very pleasant couple of hours here, none of it too strenuous and and a refreshing change from the rigours of the beach.

Klong Plu Waterfall – The Approach

Klong Plu waterfall is clearly signed off the Koh Chang’s main road, with elephants from the nearby camp, Ban Kon Chang, idling under high shelters just back from the road. This interior lane is a world apart from the island’s main thoroughfare, a shady and peaceful couple of kilometres winding under the trees past scattered houses and buildings including the mini arena for the crocodile show and Artist’s Resort. The entrance to the falls themselves sit at the very end, with industrious locals offering a a parking spot just before, at 10bt and 20bt per vehicle.

Klong Plu Waterfall – The Falls

Klong Plu Waterfall comes under the auspices of the National Park, so an entrance fee is charged, 200bt for adults, 100bt for kids, Thais at 40bt and 20bt respectively. If you are in the waterfall mood, you can use this ticket, provided it is on the same day, to visit the east coast Than Mayom Waterfall as well.

Once paid up, there’s an old visitor centre on the right hand side and behind it, steps disappearing off into the forest, the start of a well designed 30 minute nature trail set up a few years ago by the Park Rangers. Unfortunately, the trail is now frequently closed, perhaps due to the access it gives to the very top of the waterfall, a fabulous but very dangerous vantage point.

The waterfall itself, though, is straight on from the ticket booth, about 1,000 metres down an uneven, but hardly taxing path, complete with rest stops. It’s all certainly walkable by kids and oldies alike and the addition of various slightly incomprehensible potted nature guides along the way are a fun touch.

Klong Plu Waterfall – The Plunge Pool

The falls have a 30 metre drop which can be mighty impressive in the heart of the rainy season but is admittedly not quite so eye-popping during the driest months. Happily, the plunge pool is always more than deep enough for swimming and hanging around. You’ll find plenty of dive spots too on the surrounding rocks. Groups tend to arrive in the afternoon, Thais love the weekends, so head up here on a weekday morning and it will never be too crowded.

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