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UPDATED for 2019-20 Season

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In days gone by, most people who stayed in Bailan Beach came to escape the Lonely Beach nightlife next door and even as the village has developed, not much has changed – it still makes absolutely no discernible mark on the Koh Chang bar and party scene. Nonetheless, there are a handful of places you can hit for a drink which we have rounded up here for you.

Down on the sand at the southern end, Lisca Beach has now closed but its replacement will no doubt also have the same draw for sundown – it’s a lovely location. At the other end of the village completely, The Mangrove too is another chilled out spot, its mojitos the stand out amongst a short cocktail list. A cold beer at No Name Seafood, found just after Elephant Bay Resort, is a further alternative for that early evening drink on the waterfront.

On the main street , Happy Turtle makes some very decent cocktails as a side line to its main restaurant business with a pool table an added bonus. Bailan Sauna also now has a bar, whilst Tarzan Island provides nightly live music at the rear of its restaurant.

For sports, the English owned 3 Trees Guesthouse shows all of the Premiership games.

On holidays such as Songkran and New Year, the village itself will throw a party – expect very loud Thai music, some karaoke and late nights.

Favourite Bars – Bailan Beach Nightlife

Tarzan Island

Northern End, by the road

Large bar and restaurant with nightly live music from the house band and guest singers. Reggae, blues and rock. Thai, western food and bbq, cold beers and spirits. Can get quite a head of steam some nights, but never late.

Happy Turtle

Midway, by the road

Bar area next door to the main popular restaurant serving good selection of cocktails, cold beers and shakes. Coffee and ice cream available too. Pool table at the rear.

Lisca Beach

Southern end

Now closed, watch this space for its replacement in this great location at the end of the southern beach by Mercure Hideaway.

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