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Durian – Is this the World’s Smelliest Fruit?

There’s more than just great beaches on Koh Chang, with its wonderful fruit and chief among them, the smelly but oh so delicious durian. We go into a bit more detail on this love it or loathe it fruit.

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All Bananas on Koh Chang

It’s all bananas here on on Koh Chang, different varieties growing everywhere but is the world heading for a banana meltdown due to TR4?

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Thai Recipes – Winged Bean Salad

Thai recipe for winged bean salad, yam tua phu, a popular tasty Thai salad, spicy, sweet, little bit acerbic, best served with jasmine rice. Full step by step instructions.

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Local Style Fast Food

Move over Tesco Lotus, as our local Koh Chang vegetable shop down in Salak Phet mixes up Thai curry ingredients and pastes in ready to cook bags, local style fast food.

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