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Don Mueang Airport – Our Guide

Located in the north of Bangkok, Don Mueang Airport serves as the budget airline hub for Thailand. Domestic flights arrive and depart for all of the major cities, together with international traffic from surrounding countries such as China, Cambodia and Laos. The main carriers, Nok Air, Thai Lion Air, Thai Air Asia are all based here, though Bangkok Airways flies in and out of Suvarnabhumi.

Don Mueang Airport has 3 terminals, with Terminal 1 housing international arrivals (Floor 1) and departures (Floor 3). The newly refurbished Terminal 2 has now re-opened for domestic traffic, while Terminal 3 is used for cargo. There are restaurants, coffee shops, car rental, mobile operators, ATMs, currency exchanges and a very decent observation deck for the plane buffs.

Don Mueang Airport – Travel Tips

If staying in Bangkok, the simplest way to get to Don Mueang is a taxi, expect to pay around 250bt to 350bt. Alternatively, you can travel out from the city center with either the BTS skytrain or MRT subway to Morchit. Once there, head out of the station at Exit 3, down the steps to the highway beneath and jump in one of the waiting taxis.

An Airport Rail Link, identical to the Suvarnabhumi overhead service, is currently under construction, slated to open in 2017-18.

Airport Shuttle Bus – Don Mueang to Suvarnabhumi

Between Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang Airports, there is a free shuttle bus from 05.00am to 24.00. This leaves every 12 minutes, 08.00am to 11.00am and 16.00 to 19.00 or every 30 minutes otherwise. At Don Mueang, the bus departs outside Door 5, Arrivals. At Suvarnabhumi Airport, the shuttle leaves from outside Door 3, Level 2 Arrivals. Journey time is at least an hour, allow for 90 minutes.

Airport Shuttle Bus – Don Mueang to Victory Monument & Onward to Koh Chang

don-mueang-airport-bangkok-thailand-shuttle-busFrom outside Door 5/6 Arrivals at Don Mueang, there are two other shuttle buses, 30bt each, 07.00am to 24.00. If you land in the morning, these can be very handy to connect up with other cheap onward travel to Koh Chang or Trat.

The A2 service goes via the Morchit BTS and Morchit MRT stations to Victory Monument in the center of Bangkok, point of departure for scores of minibus services. Victory Monument has a raised circular walkway on its perimeter, marked out in different zones. From where the bus terminates, you need to head to the BTS entrance on the opposite side, found shortly after the Phaya Thai zone. Looking down from here, the Koh Chang minibuses are beneath you along the narrow alley.

These minibuses leave hourly from 05.00am to 12.00pm, 320bt. You can also use them to make connections to Koh Mak (up to 10.00am) and Koh Kood (up to 8.00am departure only), adding 100bt to the fee.

Airport Shuttle Bus – Don Mueang to Morchit Bus Station & Onward to Koh Chang

The A1 shuttle bus, same stop at Door 5/6 Arrivals, goes to Morchit Bus Station (a completely different area to Morchit BTS and Morchit MRT). At Morchit Bus Station, there are buses at 07.30am, 11.00am (both fine for Koh Chang) and 22.00 to Trat from The Transport Co at Kiosk 52-54 , 260bt per person. There is also a 17.00 Cherdchai service from Kiosk 44.

In addition, you can find cheap minibuses out the back beyond the bus concourse – cross over the lanes past the waiting buses – and look for Booth 16. Minibuses to Trat leave at 05.00am, 06.00am, 09.30am, 12.30pm, 13.30, 15.30 and 18.30, 260bt. Up until 12.30pm, you can use them for Koh Chang, as, though they are not direct, the operators will swap you to a truck taxi at the highway turn off for the ferries, an additional 130bt with the ferry ticket.


Private Transfers to Koh Chang Islands

Private transfers are possible direct to any of the piers, Koh Chang, Laem Ngop (Koh Mak) or Laem Sok (Koh Kood). Please do contact us for a quotation. Bear in mind the last boat to Koh Kood is at 14.20, the last to Koh Mak at 16.00 and Koh Chang at 19.30. Travel time is between 5 and 6 hours.

There are no direct share minibus services (such as those offered at Suvarnabhumi Airport) from Don Mueang to Koh Chang.

One final fun thing to do if you are in no hurry; exit Don Mueang through the door to the Amari Airport Hotel, walk across the footbridge and cut down onto the railway platform. From here, it’s 5bt for the 50 minute journey to the main Hualamphong Station, with hourly trains pottering through the city and its local stations, a fascinating introduction to Bangkok.

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