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Budget Accommodation on Koh Chang – Our Picks

budget-accommodation-koh-changBudget accommodation on Koh Chang is found across all of the beaches, with everything from shared bathroom, bucket cold showers to a/c, hot water and own bathroom on offer from 500bt to 1,000bt. Lonely Beach, the island’s magnet for backpackers and partygoers alike, is of course the centre for a cheap place to stay, but you’ll also find plenty of other great value bungalows, rooms and dorms out there. We have brought together our top picks here.

We have not simply listed the cheapest rooms we can find, but tried to suggest a range that suits all travellers, whether they be a group of gap year backpackers, beach lovers or solo adventurers. Perhaps as important as the price is the atmosphere and the location, so that factor has influenced our choices too. Of course, the list is personal and it may be that a few have fallen through the cracks, so please use the comments to add your thoughts and recommendations. But as a useful guide to budget accommodation on Koh Chang, this is hopefully a good start. The 500bt to 1,000bt range does come with a caveat that peak peak season, the Christmas New Year two week period, may see some upwards fluctuations in price.

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Budget Accommodation on White Sand Beach

As the most developed area on the island, most of the cheaper bungalows have now been replaced by hotels and larger resorts. The backpacker enclave, however, continues to cling on to the rock face at the northern end of the beach with its accommodation, budget, basic and no frills. Independent Bo stands out from the crowd with its bohemian artsy atmosphere. You can also find cheaper accommodation down the littler inland street behind Kacha Resort, with Island Lodge popular.

Independent Bo

Per Night: from 400bt

Long established backpacker haunt with fan bungalows built into the rockface and an artist inspired hang-out restaurant with a lively evening bar. No children and 3 night minimum stay. Walk in only.

Budget Accommodation on Chai Chet

Chai Chet is a couple of beaches down the island from White Sand Beach, with the southern end boasting a terrific stretch of sand. Just off it, the recently opened Pajamas, great design and a well thought out broad range of rooms, offers its budget accommodation in dorms.

Pajamas Koh Chang Hostel

Per Night: around 500bt for the dorm rooms

Brand new backpacker hostel at the southern end of the beach, linked to the sand by decking and the public walkway. A mixture of double rooms with balcony and bathroom or budget dorm accommodation, either mixed or female only with shared bathroom, all a/c. Great little kidney-shaped pool, breakfast area and Nong Bua Seafood, part of the same group, next door.

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Budget Accommodation on Klong Prao Beach

Klong Prao, the central section of the Koh Chang west coast is home to many of its top resorts and large hotels. Luckily, at the northern end, you have two great old style beach bungalow spots in Tiger Huts and KP Huts, with KP our pick. Down at the southern end on the other canal, the French run Blue Lagoon has a wonderful location and family friendly, community atmosphere.

KP Huts

Per Night: 400bt upwards

Funky fan bungalows with bathroom, high up on stilts on the sand or more basic budget affairs with and without bathroom in the next row. Quiet and popular spot, restaurant on site a proper backpacker’s spot. On the beach at the northern end.

Blue Lagoon

Per Night: 750bt upwards

Budget fan and a/c bungalows on the lagoon or in the garden at this French set-up. Family rooms, restaurant, all sorts of activities, early evening bar. Recommended cooking school at the rear. On the canal at the southern end.

Budget Accommodation on Kai Bae Beach

For budget accommodation in Kai Bae Beach, you can find a mixture of cheaper guesthouses like M & M, Blues Guesthouse and Buzza’s Bungalows, but for us, Siam Cottage, after its 2015 re-development, is the pick of the bunch.

Siam Cottage

Per Night: 450bt upwards

Backpacker budget bungalows, fan or a/c, arranged in a row leading back from the sand. Restaurant on site and a good central location. Recently undergone a facelift.

Budget Accommodation on Lonely Beach

You are of course spoilt for choice on Lonely Beach for budget rooms and bungalows. Our two picks are long running, consistently well reviewed resorts where you are unlikely to be disappointed. Seaflower Resort, KLKL Hostel, Little Eden and Oasis Resort are also great value for money.

Nature Beach Resort

Per Night: from 500bt

Very popular resort with different styles of bungalows on the sand and set back by the klong or canal behind. Very popular restaurant, Nature Rocks, in prime location and night time party venue. A Lonely Beach institution.

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Paradise Cottage

Per Night: from 500bt

30 budget fan and a/c rooms, ensuite, with hip restaurant and bar, occasional party or surprise top dj set. Away from the madding crowd but 15 minutes to the beach.

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Budget Accommodation on Bailan Beach

Bailan Beach is the understated companion to Lonely Beach. It’s quiet, friendly and local but it does lack a decent stretch of beach. Lazy Republique is great value too.

Elephant Bay Resort (Formerly Gu’s Bay)

Per Night: 600bt upwards

Bailan’s backpacker haven, now Dutch owned, funky beach hut style fan rooms or a/c bungalows, with a swimming pool, restaurant, bar and pool table. A friendly, relaxed atmosphere. In the middle of the village by the sea, just along from Green Cottage.

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Budget Accommodation on Long Beach

If you can cope with the splendid isolation, this is the very definition of budget accommodation.

Treehouse Bungalows

East Coast – Long Beach

Per Night: 250bt to 350bt

Re-opened with same owners and management as Long Beach Resort below. Rudimentary old style Thai budget beach bungalows, all thatch and wood, arranged in rows up the hillside, shared bathroom, restaurant, cable wifi, generator electricity for 6 hours a night. It’s fun and backpacker but remember you will be with just those staying there for company. No shops.

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