Koh Mak Diving, Snorkeling, Sailing and Kayak


Koh Mak Diving

koh-mak-divingKoh Mak diving is centred on Koh Rang Marine Park, home to a handful of excellent shallow water dive sites.

As Koh Rang sits just to the west of Koh Mak, diesel costs between the islands are low, which in turn enables the two Koh Mak dive shops, Koh Mak Divers and BB Divers to offer cheaper prices to their customers. Getting to and from the dive sites is also very quick, so you can easily enjoy a couple of leisurely dives on the reef and still have most of the afternoon back on the island.

Of course, Koh Rang is not the only option and advanced divers can also head further away south of Koh Chang to explore the HTMS Chang, the largest divable wreck in Thailand.

Price deals are available for multiple days of diving if booked together. Transfers to and from your resort, lunch and all equipment are included in the price.

If you are interested in pre-booking your Koh Mak diving day or snorkeling trip, maybe that speedboat tours around the islands. please do Contact Us. Once we know your preferred date, the numbers in your group, we will organise everything for you using our trusted recommendations. We may sometimes ask for a deposit but usually, you simply pay on the day.

Koh Mak Diving Prices

DSD – 1 day
Beach Training and 1 dive 3,000bt
Training and 2 ocean dives 4,500bt

2 Fun Dives – boat dives off Koh Rang or
1 Dive off Koh Kood and waterfall visit

2,900bt or 3,900bt

Wreck Diving at HTMS Chang + 2 dives

Night Dive
1,900bt (with torch)

Open Water – 3 to 4 days with 2 pool dives & 4 boat dives
14,500bt – Full certification to 18m

Advanced Open Water – 3 days

Snorkeling off Koh Rang (1/2 day)
or off Koh Kood and waterfall visit

950bt/500bt (child under 12)
or 1,300bt (Mask, snorkel and fins)

Government Tax for diving at Koh Rang, 400bt Adults, 200bt Children under 12, collected by the boat the beginning of the day. This fee is not included in the prices given here.

Koh Mak Diving Schools

Koh Mak Divers

Shops in Ao Kao Beach

Long established English and Dutch family, with some 14 years experience on the island. All courses and prices as above, diving off a large wooden boat, Thaitanic II, with their base near Ao Kao Resort and Island Huts.

BB Divers

Shops at Ao Suan Yai Beach and Ao Kao Beach

The well established Belgian company from Koh Chang has opened its base here and offering all courses locally at Koh Rang, beach training and over on the wreck. Very professional and reliable. Uses speedboat.

Snorkeling off Koh Mak

Koh Mak SnorkelingThe dive boats and other companies offer days out snorkeling at the Koh Rang Marine Park for around 750bt to 950bt. Typically, you will visit 3 or 4 of the tiny islands and one of the beaches, with transfer to and from your resort, as well as equipment and lunch all included.

Around Koh Mak, several of the resorts have their own boats and daily local trips are also possible, together with speedboat tours around the offshore islands. Cococape Resort, itself at the very southern end of Ao Suan Yai, goes out near its pier, as well as around the cape to Ao Pra, the next bay along, and then over to the tiny island of Koh Pii, which lies at that bay’s top end.

Prices for these days depend on numbers and how many hours, but 1000bt for a half day seems the norm. Private charters which go further afield or the whole day start at 5,000bt and would include most of the larger offshore islands such as Koh Kradat, Koh Kham, Koh Rayang Nok and its neighbour, Koh Rayang Nai, with their entrance fees if applicable included.

Koh Mak Snorkeling and Boat Trip Companies

Ao Pong Speedboat

Per Person: 1,300bt (offshore islands inc. fees)
Per Person: 1,000bt (Koh Kood)

Based at the resort at Ao Nid, speedboat service offering a day tour around the islands of Koh Kradat, Koh Kham, Koh Rayang Nok and Koh Pii, or trip across to Koh Kood. Lunch and transfer to and from your resort. Minimum 5 persons. Contact Us for booking.

Totti Boat Trips

Per Person: 750bt (Koh Rang)

Well established local company taking day trips out to the marine park, with lunch and snorkel equipment included. Fishing trips on request. Also hire out mask/snorkel and fins at 100bt each per day for your own beach snorkeling. Shop up on the road, near Baan Koh Mak in Ao Kao, trips from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Contact Us for booking.

More Snorkeling Choices off Koh Mak

Koh Mak Resort, which has an office by its pier at Ao Suan Yai, runs a small boat every 2 hours across to Koh Kham, starting at 9.00am, with last one of the day at at 15.00. The price is 200bt including the entrance fee and a free drink from the kiosk once you get there.

Makathanee Resort on Ao Kao beach operates the shuttle to Koh Rayang Nok for 200bt, again including the entrance fee. The island closes at 16.00. Kham Nature Resort and Holiday Beach Resort are other choices for this service.

Little Moon Villa on the far north east coast offers boats to Koh Kradat at 500bt with the island fee or it is possible to hire a cheaper local fishing boat from Laem Son beach and then pay the entrance fee when you arrive.

Day Trips to Koh Kood

Little Moon Villa also offer day trips to Koh Kood, where you can visit a beach, the mangroves, a waterfall and also the fishing village. Prices are from 1,250bt per person, though this may increase depending on numbers. BB Divers use their speedboat to head over there too for a dive/snorkeling trip, with the chance to pop in at the waterfall and have lunch on the island, snorkeling price from 1,300bt per person.

Koh Mak Sailing, Windsurfing and Kayaking


Sailing is now available on Koh Mak, with two different size of Hobie Catamaran available for hire at 1,000bt to 1,500bt an hour. Ask at Holiday Beach Resort, Koh Mak Resort, Ao Kao Resort or Baan Koh Mak.

Windsurfers can be rented at 1,200bt a day, 800bt a 1/2 day or for 1.5 hour lesson, also at 800bt from the same spots.

Kayaks cost around 100bt an hour, 300bt a half day and 500bt for the day and they are an excellent way of exploring the coastline, visiting the offshore islands and seeking out some of the tucked away and deserted beaches. Where you can reach will depend on your stamina, but from Ao Suan Yai (Koh Mak Resort), it is a very gentle paddle across to Koh Kham and not so very far to the excellent snorkeling around Koh Pii and off Ao Pra. Requiring more effort in the other direction is the lovely and utterly deserted beach at Ao Tao Kai (Turtle Beach), which lies in the very north of the island.

On Ao Kao in the south west, it will take about 30 to 45 minutes to Koh Rayang Nok. Holiday Beach Resort at the far end of Ao Kao (Ao Kra Tueng) is a good place to rent kayaks, as well as offering its own private snorkel trips, windsurfing and sailing.

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