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koh-mak-activitiesFor such a laid back and peaceful island, Koh Mak still has plenty of things to do.

At sea, activities range from lazy snorkeling trips and fun dives over at Koh Rang to some more serious exploration further afield at the wrecks near Koh Chang. You can kayak out to the offshore islands or visit them all in one day on a more leisurely speedboat tour. Sailing and windsurfing, either by yourself or with instructors, have also now arrived on Koh Mak.

Back on land, you can rent a bicycle or indeed motorbike and explore the island, with its maze of tracks, trails and a couple of deserted beaches.

There is a very interesting museum down near the main pier, with a cooking school nearby, disc golf is now available thanks to a Koh Mak enthusiast who has brought the game to the island and a very reputable Muay Thai gym has also opened in the last year.

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Koh Mak Diving, Snorkeling and Kayak

The small, friendly scuba diving scene, with two companies, BB Divers and Koh Mak Divers can offer lower prices than the other islands because the Marine Park of Koh Rang is right on its doorstep and a day over there, either with the tanks and regulators or just plain snorkeling is great fun, one that all the family will enjoy.

Kayaking is very popular, paddling out to the offshore islands, though you can also nip over to see them on a great speedboat tour. There’s a daily snorkeling trip across to Koh Rang too, 09.00am to 16.00, just 750bt with lunch.

Sailing in Hobie catamarans has recently arrived on the island, with prices around 1,000bt to 1,500bt per hour depending on the size of the craft and at long last, windsurfing is also now possible, at 1,200bt for the day or 800bt for 1.5 hours lesson, both very tempting activities to drag you away from that hammock.

And you can also day trip to Koh Kood to visit the beach, mangroves, fishing village and waterfall from 1,250bt.

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Bicycle Paths and Walking Trails

The island has been well mapped with marked trails and there’s an accompanying booklet too, enabling you to easily explore its forests and coastlines.

There’s plenty of of history with the oldest house on the island and the the original fishing community, weird erotic art at The Kingdom of Somchai and of course remote undeveloped beaches, such as Laem Son in the north east and Turtle Beach on the far northern tip.

Koh Mak’s terrain being so flat, you can do this by bicycle, a decent mountain bike rental available all over at 250bt for the day though it will be hot and distances can perhaps be a little deceptive.

Motorbikes, an easier option are 250bt to 300bt.

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Cooking School, Disc Golf, Muay Thai

Koh Mak also offers a terrific little Thai cooking school down by the sea at Ao Nid.

Meanwhile, over on Ao Kao Beach, you’ll find a unique disc golf course over 9 ‘holes’ at the southern end, while at the other end, a top class Muay Thai training gym sits under the trees.

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