Flying to Trat Airport for Koh Mak

getting to koh mak trat airport flights

Bangkok Airways is the only airline that operates from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Trat Airport (TDX), which itself is about 25 minutes from Laem Ngop, the mainland pier for Koh Mak.

It currently has 3 flights daily but from 28th October 2018 is addding a 4th, see below for the revised timetable.

Flights into Trat Airport for Koh Mak

If you arrive on the morning flight, PG301, departing Suvarnabhumi Airport at 08.20am (08.30am in rainy season), arriving at 09.20am (09.30am in rainy season), you will make the boat connection at 10.30am (Leelawadee) or 11.30am (Seatales or Suansuk).

If you arrive on the lunchtime flight PG305, departing Suvarnabhumi Airport at 11.40am, arriving at Trat Airport at 12.40pm, you will make boat connections to Koh Mak at 14.00 (Leelawadee) or 14.30 (Seatales).

From 28/10/18, the new PG309, departing Suvarnabhumi Airport at 14.45, arriving at 15.45 will make the connection to the also new Suansuk speedboat service at 17.00.

The last flight of the day, PG307, departing Suvarnabhumi Airport at 16.45 (17.00 in rainy season), arriving at 17.45 (18.00 in rainy season), will not make any boat connections. You can stay the night in either Trat or a guesthouse in Laem Ngop and start afresh the next day, with the 1st speedboat at 10.30am, (Leelawadee). Laem Ngop guesthouses will normally run you to the pier for free whilst from Trat, your hotel or guesthouse will organise a songthaew share taxi, 60bt per person.

All speedboat details are here at Koh Mak ferry and speedboat, including changes during rainy season, end of May to end of October.

Flights out from Trat Airport to Bangkok

Flying back to Bangkok, you can use the 08.00am Leelawadee boat. docking at 08.45am to connect to PG302 at 10.10am – check-in time is 45 minutes before departure. Trat Airport is tiny and this is the only flight departing.

For the PG306 flight at 13.10, you can use the 09.00am Panan, docking at 09.45am or the 10.00am Suansuk, docking at 10.45am.

For the new PG310 flight at 16.25, you can use the 13.30 Panan, docking at 14.15.

For the PG308 flight at 18.15 (18.30 in rainy season), you can use the new 15.00 Suansuk boat, docking at 15.45. During rainy season, end of May till end of October, this speedboat service only runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Private Transfer by Car or Minibus from Trat Airport to Laem Ngop Pier

From Trat Airport to Laem Ngop Pier, there are private transfers only, with no shared minibus service such as that operating to and from Koh Chang. These private transfers to Laem Ngop Pier are list priced at 900bt for a car (2 persons), 1,100bt for an Innova style car (3 pax) or 1,300bt for a minibus (4 to 8 persons). We can organise everything for you, meeting passengers at Arrivals at Trat Airport with a name sign or directly off the boats on their return.

Please Contact Us here to book your private transfer service to and from Laem Ngop and to ask any transport questions.

Timetable – From Survarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Trat Airport (TDX)

Flight NumberDeparture Time from Suvarnabhumi (BKK)Arrival Time at Trat (TDX)
(08.30am up to 27/10/18)
(09.30am up to 27/10/18)
***NEW** PG30914.45
(from 28/10/18)
(from 28/10/18)
(17.00 up to 27/10/18)
(18.00 up to 27/10/18)
from 2,850bt excl. taxes
(one way, Websaver promotion in advance)
02 270 6699
039 551 654-5

Timetable – From Trat Airport (TDX) to Survarnabhumi Airport (BKK)

Flight NumberDeparture Time from Trat (TDX)Arrival Time at Suvarnabhumi (BKK)
***NEW** PG31016.25
(from 28/10/18)
(from 28/10/18)
(18.30 up to 27/10/18)
(18.30 up to 27/10/18)
from 2,850bt excl. taxes
(one way, Websaver promotion in advance)
02 270 6699
039 551 654-5

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