Koh Mak Speedboats and Ferry – Companies and Prices

Koh Mak Speedboats and Ferry – Companies and Times

koh-mak-speedboat-ferry-laem-ngop-pier Speedboats run by Leelawadee Speedboats, Panan Speedboats, Suansuk Speedboats and Seatales Speedboats run to and from Koh Mak and the mainland. The speedboats leave from Laem Ngop (Krom Luang) Pier, which is near to the main ferry piers for Koh Chang and about 20km out from Trat.

There is also a catamaran service, Boonsiri Fantasea, which operates out of Laem Sok Pier, the main point of departure for Koh Kood. Laem Sok Pier is about 45 minutes from Trat in a completely different direction.

Koh Mak Speedboats and Ferry – Times and Koh Mak Arrival Piers

From Laem Ngop Pier, there are 8 boats a day in high season, with a reduced service in the rainy season (from May to October). The first boat leaves at 10.30am Leelawadee, followed by the 11.30am Suansuk and Seatales, 13.00 Panan, 14.00 Leelawadee, 14.30 Seatales, 15.00 Suansuk and the final boat of the day at 16.00 Panan.

Returns leave at 08.00am Leelawadee, 08.30am Seatales, 09.00am Panan, 10.00am Suansuk, 11.30am Leelawadee, 12.30pm Suansuk and Seatales and 13.30 Panan. Each way costs 450bt, kids under 12 half price, journey time of an hour.


On Koh Mak, Panan Speedboats stops at the pier at Koh Mak Resort on Ao Suan Yai on the north west coast, Leelawadee Speedboats at the pier of Makathanee Resort on Ao Kao on the south west coast, with the Boonsiri Fantasea, Suansuk Speedboats and Seatales docking at the public pier at Ao Nid.

Your resort will normally have a battered old vehicle waiting for you or, if you have not booked ahead, there are a couple of songthaews on hand at 50bt per drop-off point, with a rarely enforced minimum of 100bt. On your departure, the resorts will drop you off at the correct pier for your ticket, you just need to let them know the day before.

From Laem Sok Pier, Boonsiri departs at 14.20 direct to Koh Mak arriving at 15.10. You can also go at 10.45am via Koh Kood arriving at Koh Mak at 12.50pm, but this may be long trip if the boats are running late (not uncommon). Tickets are 400bt each way, kids under 10 half price.

Koh Mak Speedboats and Ferry – Trat to Laem Ngop Pier


To Laem Ngop Pier, songthaews run back and forth from Trat Bus Station, a km or so out from the city itself, at a cost of 50bt to 60bt per person, leaving when full or you can charter the whole vehicle for 250bt to 300bt. If staying the night in Trat, your guesthouse will usually organise the transport (50bt or so per person) or you can walk to the covered market and negotiate yourself, with 200bt to 250bt a fair price to leave immediately.

There is a another public taxi on the corner by the chemists, opposite the entrance to the temple. For 50bt to 60bt per person, taxis leave from here to the Koh Chang ferry piers, again when full only. Simply ask them to drop you off at Laem Ngop Pier for Koh Mak.

Taxis coming back from the piers follow the same pricing system if full. With only a few passengers, the cost per person will increase. For Laem Sok Pier, ask your guesthouse in Trat to order the free shuttle taxi laid on by Boonsiri for the 10.45am or 14.20 connection.

Contact Us to reserve seats on any of the speedboats and Boonsiri Catamaran, including their Khao San Road connecting bus.

From Laem Ngop and Laem Sok Piers to Koh Mak

Leelawadee Speedboats
Dep: 10.30, 14.00
Laem Ngop to Makathanee Resort at Ao Kao
Rainy season (Mon-Thurs) 14.00 only
Rainy season (Fri-Sun) 10.30, 14.00

Panan Speedboats
13.00, 16.00 (via Koh Wai)
Laem Ngop to Koh Mak Resort on Ao Suan Yai
Rainy season 13.00, 16.00

Suansuk Speedboats
Dep: 11.30, 15.00
Laem Ngop to Ao Nid
Rainy season 11.30 only

Seatales Speedboats
Dep: 11.30, 14.30 (via Koh Wai)
Laem Ngop to Ao Nid
Rainy season 11.30 only

Dep: 14:20
Laem Sok to Ao Nid
15/5/ to 15/10 service suspended

Koh Mak to Laem Ngop Pier and Laem Sok Pier

Leelawadee Speedboats
Dep: 08.00, 11.30
from Makathanee at Ao Kao to Laem Ngop
Rainy season (Mon-Thurs) 11.30 only
Rainy season (Fri-Sun) 08.00, 11.30

Panan Speedboats
09.00, 13.30 (via Koh Wai)
from Koh Mak Resort on Ao Suan Yai to Laem Ngop
Rainy season 09.00, 13.30 (from Ao Nid)

Suansuk Speedboats
Dep: 10.00, 12.30
(May to Oct Dep: 08.30)
from Ao Nid to Laem Ngop

Seatales Speedboats
Dep: 08.30 (via Koh Wai), 12.30
(May to Oct Dep: 08.30)
from Ao Nid to Laem Ngop

Dep: 12:50
from Ao Nid to Laem Sok
15/5/ to 15/10 service suspended

Island Hopping between Koh Chang, Koh Wai, Koh Mak and Koh Kood


It is very easy to move between the Koh Chang Islands, using speedboats, a slower wooden boat and the Boonsiri catamaran.

Koh Chang to Koh Mak is 600bt with Bang Bao Boats speedboat, Koh Mak to Koh Kood, 400bt. Times are twice daily, 09.30am and 12.00pm, taking a hour. Coming the other way, the boats leave Koh Kood at 09.00am and 12.00pm, docking at Koh Mak at 10.00am and 13.00, arriving at Koh Chang at 11.00am and 14.00, with free transport on hand to take you to your resort.

Kai Bae Huts Nor Nou Speedboats run one service daily, same price, at 09.00am from Koh Chang, 11.00am from Koh Kood. For all the detailed timetables and prices, see Koh Chang Island Hopping.

On Koh Mak, Bang Bao Boats (speedboat and wooden boat) use the pier at Koh Mak Resort on Ao Suan Yai (north west coast) and Kaibae Huts Speedboat uses Makathanee Resort Pier on Ao Kao on the south west coast.

These island hopping speedboats and wooden boat do not run during the rainy season. You will have to return from your respective island to the mainland and travel by road to the appropriate pier in order to take their mainland ferries.

Book your island hopping speedboat with us here. Please just let us know your date of travel, no of people, which island you need, your resort at either end – Pay in advance via PayPal

Boonsiri’s catamaran service, which operates from the mainland to Koh Mak and Koh Kood, can also be used to island hop. The service which costs 300bt leaves from Ao Nid Pier on Koh Mak at 15.10 and arrives at Namluek Pier (Ao Tapao) on Koh Kood at 15.40, with free transport on hand to take you to your resort. The return leaves at 12.00pm from Koh Kood, reaching Koh Mak at 12.50pm. This service is not possible from 15/5 to 15/10 during the rainy season.

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