Ngamkho Beach and Bang Bao Beach – Koh Kood


Ngamkho Beach at a Glance

After climbing the steep hill from Klong Chao Beach, the road drops down to Ngamkho Beach, an area of some two to three kilometres.

The beach itself is not the island’s best, with it frequently disappearing all together at high tide, but the whole bay is still wonderfully pretty and makes a great place to stay.

Most resorts are budget and mid-range, with one more expensive choice, Analay Resort, at the southern end. Beyond the resorts’s dining choices, there are some simple restaurants scattered about along the main road and the odd small store for buying essentials. The resorts too have their own shops and their proximity, one to another, also allows for wandering out for a change of menu.

Ngamkho Beach at an Island Pace

Northern End

At the northern end coming from Klong Chao Beach, the road runs behind the beach, passing S-Beach Resort, with its rooms and bungalows overlooking the sea and opposite it, Happy Days Guesthouse, a cheap hostel and popular restaurant, which is also home to Paradise Divers.

Opposite sits a general store and adjoining restaurant with the bridge leading onto the small local village, which straddles on the estuary. There is another useful spot with motorbike rental on the corner.


Just after the village, a rough track leads inland with Far East Resort, a Thai style resort with restaurant, on the right hand side about a hundred metres along. If you follow the track to the very end, bearing left at one point as signed, you emerge, after a good ten minute drive, at Khao Ruearab (Battleship Mountain), a rock formation that resembles the bridge of a ship and another of the island’s natural attractions.

You can skate past this and then pick up the nature trail which leads all the way back inland to Klong Chao Beach, a not too strenuous hike of about 45 minutes.

Ngamkho Beach – Southern End


The road proper continues on, passing the mid-range bungalows of Dusita Resort and at the southern end of the beach, the cute backpacker hang-out at Ngamkho Resort. Also at this end, Horizon Resort, more mid-range bungalows, overlooks the beach from the hill above, with Guy’s, a restaurant, tickets and laundry all-in-one, on the road nearby.

Analay Resort, occupies the next cove along, with the main entrance down a narrow road after Guy’s. Another street, just down the slope, skirts along one side of the small lagoon to a wooden bridge, which leads onto a tiny beach known as Hat Sai Daeng. There are a couple of abandoned bamboo style bungalows and accompanying bathroom block and another dusty track back to the main road.

Bang Bao Beach at a Glance

Midway down the west coast, Bang Bao Beach is set in a gorgeous bay approached by a long snaking road through the rubber trees. It has just a handful of self contained resorts, 2 dive shops by the sea and a couple of minimarts, a coffee shop and cheap restaurants up by the main road. The beach itself has fine powder sand with clear blue waters and either to kick back and escape the world for a few days or, by hiring a motorbike, as a base to explore the island, Bang Bao Beach makes a great choice.

Bang Bao Beach at an Island Pace

Northern end

bang-bao-beach-koh-kood-to-the-sea Leaving Ngamkho Beach behind, the road continues up and down a couple of hills before reaching the turnings for the long tracks down to Koh Kood Resort, The Beach Natural Resort and To The Sea Resort. Each has their own wooden pier, so you can also arrive direct from the other islands by speedboat. Separated from the middle and southern end by a rock bed, the beach at this northern end is a little narrow.

Opposite the turning to the resorts, the basic Jimmy Huts and its popular Chiang Mai restaurant sit on the crest of the hill.

Middle and Southern End

Following the main road a little distance further, another clearly signed and better paved street leads to Siam Beach Resort and Siam Huts Resort, with the coffee shop of Baan Suan Homestay and its accompanying minimart on the corner. BB Divers has their satellite office just before you reach the sand.

Siam Beach Resort, a large selection of mid range bungalows, sits in the the middle of this simply wonderful stretch of sand, with its own wooden pier for the speedboat. The newly opened Siam Huts Resort is located at the southern end.


At the very far end of the beach, a makeshift log bridge still just about connects across the creek to the headland. Here you’ll find Sand and Sea, which has a few budget rooms and huts. Koh Kood Divers occupies a prime location at the tip of the bay, proudly boasting their own mini reef just offshore.

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