Koh Chang East Coast Resorts, Villas and Bungalows

UPDATED for 2018-19 Season


Koh Chang east coast resorts, villas, bungalows and guesthouses are scattered all the way along the road which runs from the ferry piers down to the turning to Salak Khok in the south of the island. They are centred at the two villages, Dan Khao and Dan Mai.

The accommodation is comprised of several small boutique resorts, luxurious and deluxe villas, standard bungalow resorts catering both to tourists and Thai weekenders, guesthouses and Koh Chang’s only spa.

If you do decide to stay on this side, you should be aware of the following:-

    The east coast beaches are few and far between and none are of the same quality as those over on the west coast.
    Getting about is tricky as the songthaew taxis only run this route 3 times daily each way. Additionally, the companies running the island activities, on the whole, do not collect from this side due to the extra distances and time involved.
    There is very little happening outside the resorts themselves, with restaurants and shops in short supply. Nightlife is non-existent.

Putting that aside, the east coast is very local, undeveloped and less touristy, peaceful and laid back – its star attractions. You can overcome the lack of transport by renting your own motorbike or indeed car and the resorts are generally more than willing to help.

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Dan Khao – Koh Chang East Coast Resorts, Villas, Bungalow and Guesthouses

Heading east from the two ferry piers, Dan Khao is the first area signposted on the east coast. With its narrow coarse red sand beach, it is home to 2 excellent boutique resorts. Amber Sands and Serenity Resort. Rates at Amber Sands are from 4,350bt to 6,300bt for the family room, more expensive in peak. Serenity has deluxe bungalows at 3,250bt and one of its villas from 6,000bt.

The Souk has changed hands and has been completely rebuilt and renamed as Sunrise Beach Resort by its new Bulgarian/English owner – 6 bungalows and a swimming pool, prices from 1,755bt to 3,300bt.

Also on this beach, the tiny guesthouse Pen and Cesar has just two rooms at 1,200bt a night, while Baan Mai Rim Fang Nam at the far end is a larger Thai style homestay, prices from 800bt a night but normally sold as packages.

Continuing on further in Dan Khao, Blessed is a charming small guesthouse by the sea, starting at 2,500bt a night. Garden of Joy, an 18 room resort, complete the choices with rates at 2,750bt through to 4,500bt, peak season.

On the way out of Dan Khao, Baan Talay Thai is a oceanside private villa development, where many of the properties are available for holiday rent in blocks of 5 to 7 days. Rates roughly break down to 3,000bt per night for 2 bedrooms and 4,750bt for 4. The Terrace, in the same development and sleeping 6 to 8 is very similar at around 5,000bt a night.

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Pricing Code/Per night in Baht (B):
B= under 500; BB= 500 to 1,500; BBB= 1,500 to 3,000; BBBB= over 3,000;

Amber Sands Resort

Per Night: BBBB

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First in the line of beach resorts in Dan Khao. Set in a perfectly manicured garden with a/c ensuite bungalows, beach house or family villa, swimming pool and well reviwed restaurant. Popular getaway, highly rated by Tripadvisor.

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Serenity Resort

Per Night: BBB-BBBB

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Third in the row. 6 or so bungalows, a/c, bathrooms ensuite, in a garden setting or 8 closely packed large family villas with roof terraces. Bar, Cinnamon restaurant, swimming pool.

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Per Night: BBB

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At the end of Dan Khao by the sea, fabulously decorated artist’s guesthouse, with 2 standard a/c ensuite rooms and new family suite. Sala. Breakfast and other food available, activities and transport. Tiny beach area.

Garden of Joy Resort

Per Night: BB-BBB

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Now under Belgian ownership, an understated 18 room resort under the trees, ocean-side, couple of kms after the above four places. Different styles of a/c bungalows, swimming pool. Tiny rough sand beach, restaurant, bakery, motorbike and car hire.

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Baan Talay Thai

Per Night: BBB-BBBB (with 5 days bookings)

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A little further along the coast from the Dan Khao resorts, selection of 2 bedroom and 4 bedroom a/c villas in a small private development. Self-catering with fully fitted kitchens, sea-views to the mainland, red sand beach, commmunity pool, transport hire easily arranged (and useful to explore the island), WiFi.

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Per Night: 5,000bt a night (with 3 days minimum booking)

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In the Baan Talay Thai development, smart modern villa one row back from the seafront, 3 doubles, ensuite bathrooms, open plan kitchen and sitting room, small garden and above ground plunge pool. WiFi.

The Souk Resort – CLOSED

Per Night: n/a

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Next door to Amber Sands, being rebuilt by new owners.

Dan Mai and Salak Khok – Koh Chang East Coast Resorts, Villas, Bungalow and Guesthouses

About five kilometers from Dan Khao, Dan Mai is the next town along. It’s the island’s administrative centre with the main hospital and police station, so once again staying here is very quiet and local.

About 3 km out from the village, roadside, 2L Hostel has sprung up in the last year with one mixed and two single sex dorms at around 400bt a bed. Primarily aimed at Thais, they may be a cheap option for backpackers but you would need your own transport.

Around the next corner, the new Siriporn Resort has 3 bungalows by the sea at 1,800bt a night, while Fuengfah Hotel (Flower House) on the other side by the road offers cheap rooms and bungalows from 1,200bt. Once in the village itself, Baan Chid Talay sits next to the ocean with its 8 or so large house-like bungalows at 1,900bt a night upwards, very good value.

At the the other end, Good View is the new name for Graceville and with the new name, the resort has been completely renovated. Seaview take care of the management, though like most of these resorts, their main market is Thai packages and so English communication can be tricky.

In an altogether different vein, the privately owned Wave Villas are on the seafront just down from Good View. Luxury Wave Villa (A) and Wave Villa 2 (B) are both holiday rentals, with slightly different rates. Depending on the dates, there is a minimum 5 to 10 night stay as part of their booking critera, with prices in peak starting at 30,000bt a night for 8 persons.

The last accommodation as you leave Dan Mai is Uncle Chalerm’s Bungalows, also geared more to Thai weekenders than western holiday makers, their basic fan rooms just 400bt a night, other more expensive options also available.

Continuing much further along the coast, Na Tara Resort, near to Than Mayom waterfall, is a Bangkok style boutique resort with prices in the 2,000bt to 4,500bt a night range. It seems to mainly attract wealthy Thai weekenders.

On the main road, the tiny Privacy Resort is Kiwi/Thai owned, a very well kept place with a handful of bungalows and a small swimming pool but it is undoubtedly isolated. Rooms from 1,950bt a night to 2,350bt.

Finally, hidden away in the mangroves on the east side of Salak Khok, Spa Koh Chang offers in-house detox programs, but you can still stay as a guest if you do not follow a course. Their oriental rooms are 1,800bt, the best doubles at 3,250bt.

The most common complaint in many reviews for all these spots is feeling a little trapped, so having your own transport is a real boon.

The truly huge Kooncharaburi Resort, always an anomaly and completely empty, now appears to have given up the ghost and shut for good.

Luxurious Wave Villa (A)

Per Night: 27,000bt a night (with 3 days min. booking), peak season at 35,000bt per night (with 10 days min. booking)

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One of three large sumptuous modern villas on the sea at Dan Mai. 4 double bedrooms, private pool, fully fitted kitchen, lounge area, terrace, patios, sun loungers, WiFi. Transport would be an advantage. Local restaurants nearby.

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Wave Villa 2 (B)

Per Night: 20,000bt a night (with 7 days booking only), peak season at 30,000bt

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Second of the modern villas on the sea at Dan Mai. 4 double bedrooms, private pool , fully fitted kitchen, lounge area, terrace, patios, sun loungers, WiFi. Transport easily arranged.

Na Koh Chang Tara Resort

Per Night: BBBB

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After Than Mayom waterfall on the coast road. boutique resort with luxury suites in a low two-floored building, with an infinity pool running alongside. Restaurant and coffee shop. Kayaks. No proper sand beach. Remote so would need your own transport.

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The Spa Koh Chang

Per Night: BBB-BBBB (exc.courses)

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Hidden in the mangroves on the coastal road side of Salak Khok bay, natural style retreat with hill cottages or rooms. Fasting/detox programs, yoga, reiki, massage, herbal steam room and swimming pool. Vegetarian food.

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Other Koh Chang East Coast Resorts, Villas, Bungalow and Guesthouses

We list here, north to south, other options to go with our recommendations above.

Koh Chang Fasai Resort

Per Night: BB-BBB

Beach hut style bungalows and larger share rooms down by the sea amongst the jetties. Restaurant. Popular with Thai packages despite its curious location near Ao Sapparot ferry. No beach.

Mayuree Pink Resort

Per Night: BB-BBBB

On the road between Ao Sapparot and Centrepoint ferries, a Thai resort with a/c rooms or bungalows. Restaurant. Popular with weekenders and packages. No beach.

Baan Mai Rim Fang Nam Bungalows

Per Night: BB-BBB

At the end of Dan Khao, family run homestay with a few bungalows by the sea. Restaurant and large wooden house over the sea. Weekly and monthly rates.

Fuengfah Hotel

Per Night: BB

Shortly before Dan Mai, small local Thai style hotel and restaurant on the road, with a few bungalows at the back. Friendly, clean, practical.

Baan Chid Talay

Per Night: BBB

By the sea in Dan Mai near the Chinese temple. 10 large house-like bungalows, a/c, ensuite and with cooking and sitting areas. Cafe on site. Thai packaages but available for all.

Good View Resort

Per Night: BB-BBB

Recently renovated cute concrete a/c bungalows by the sea just after Dan Mai with a wooden pier and restaurant. Popular with Thai weekenders. No beach. Managed by Seaview.

Uncle Chalerm’s Bungalows

Per Night: B-BB

A bit further on from Good View with fan and a/c bungalows of different sizes located by the sea and in the garden. Restaurant and shop, small rough sand beach. Own transport would be best. Thai packages.

Kooncharaburi Resort

Per Night: n/a

Isolated resort now closed.

Privacy Resort

Per Night: BBB

Tiny resort by the main road a few kms after Than Mayom waterfall, with a handful of a/c bungalows and a small swimming pool. Food available. Isolated.

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