Bang Bao Beach Nightlife – Top Bars

UPDATED for 2018-19 Season

bang bao beach nightlife koh changAfter the lack of nightlife action around Bang Bao village, happily, you will find a handful of terrific bars in and around Bang Bao Beach (Klong Goi).

Coming along the road from the pier and about a couple of kilometres before the beach itself, the tiny strip of sand known as Hat Sai Noi regularly hosts parties and drum-a-thons at Djembe House. Run by proper old school Thai beach hippies in a fug of contentment, these can be great evenings, so watch out for their Follow the Flowers flyers. From time to time, Indie Beach and Ido Ido, Djembe House’s neighbours, also pitch in with their own special nights.

Incidentally, there are now two reggae bars just after the Tranquillity Bay condo development. Rasta Beach is the more popular stop, not surprising really, given its picture-postcard views down over Bang Bao Bay, but you can also head down to Karma Bar for a quiet time hidden away on the rocks.

On the actual Bang Bao Beach, Mr Tee, a bit of a local name, plays most evenings at the back of his tiny venue. He can also call on some big names in the Thailand reggae scene such as Job To Do to join him and so puts on the odd mini-festival during the season. BB Beach, an offshoot of the dive company, is a nice new chillout spot next door, which serves cocktails and Belgian beers.

From time to time, Yu Yu Golden Beach throws more mainstream parties, bringing in sound systems and DJs from Lonely Beach.

Our Favourite Bars – Bang Bao Beach and Hat Sai Noi Nightlife

Djembe House

Hat Sai Noi

On the small beach before Bang Bao Beach, long established (15 years and counting), very low key bar, artist and musician’s hang out. Parties most Fridays with live music sessions featuring bongo drums and didgeridoos, all welcome, a hypnotic beat.

Mr Tee Bar

Bang Bao Beach

Reggae bar set-up with beers, cocktails and shakes hosted by the unique and irrepressible Koh Chang figure, Mr Tee. Live music, lots of fun and you’ll be humming the signature tune, ‘Chop, Chop, Chop’ for many days to come.

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