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Lonely Beach At a Glance

Likely to meet:
Backpackers, solo travellers, party people and flashpackers
The Beach:
Not the longest beach but good sand, best at the northern end, nice friendly atmosphere
Mainly bungalows, huts, guesthouses but odd boutique and swankier resort
250bt rooms, cold shower, fan up to 7,500bt for the pool villas
Lots of choices, cheap Thai, western, think Khao San Road small scale
Parties, dj’s, some live music, lots of bars
Lots of choice if you want a tattoo
Nightlife, meeting other travellers and fun lovers
Noisy at night pretty much everywhere
Thai Name:
Hat Tha Nam (hat, beach, tha nam, pier)

Lonely Beach At an Island Pace

Lonely Beach is the backpacker hub and the party centre of the island.

Situated far down the south west coast, up and and over a mountain, it is split into two parts. The beach section runs for a few hundred metres from the bottom of the mountain and a kilometre or so further along, the village section is laid out along the main street and two sois which lead off it down to the rocky seafront. A new sparsely occupied development space sits between the beach and the village.

lonely beach koh chang beaches

Accommodation ranges from shared bathroom guesthouses, to densely packed rows of bungalows and mid range offerings, right up to the odd boutique and higher end resort. On the actual beach, there are just four places to stay, with the rest in and around the village.

Bars and nightlife are centred in the village too though there are actual beach parties down on the sand throughout the year.

You will also find plenty of cheap restaurants and cafes, tattooists, 2 dive shops, a gym, massage, internet and tour shops.

All in all, Lonely Beach is a fun and busy place to stay, attracting both the budget travelers and backpackers and those that are just looking for a good time.

Lonely Beach – Down the mountain and along the beach

Coming from the north, the road climbs out of Kai Bae Beach, first passing the main road entrance of Seaview Resort and then an excellent vantage point complete with visitor centre. The view from here is spectacular taking in the offshore islands, beaches to the north and to the south and the sea disappearing off the horizon.

The road, flanked by wonderful old trees towering above the surrounding canopy and with curves and tight corners aplenty, continues on up and over, reaching the clifftop annex of the same Seaview Resort, perched on the rock edge at the midway point, then the turning to Siam Bay, with a switchback corner immediately after, providing the first glimpse of Lonely Beach beneath.

lonely beach koh chang beaches

Dropping down this last section of the mountain, the road passes the original huts of Siam Beach Resort on the hillside, its bungalows on the mountainside and the villas and main building at the bottom on the beach, before it winds on around the back, past an undeveloped area of scrubland.

The upscale Bhumiyama Beach Resort is located in the middle of the beach, the boutique Nature Beach Resort next door and the cheapest Siam Huts at the southern end, with nothing on the mountain side but jungle and a few overfed monkeys.


You can walk through Nature Beach or Siam Huts to get to the sand itself, with the best section running north from Nature Beach to Siam Beach Resort at the end.

Next door to the entrance to Siam Huts, there is a minimart and bakery but adjoining them, the newly named Go To The Beach Road also runs down to the sea. This is the entrance to a fledgling development to create another whole mini-village and early arrivals include Hug Coffee on the corner, whilst the already popular Cancun Bar, Mango Bar and Aire Cafe are by the ocean. Up by the road, the tiny Stay Inn Hostel is another new addition.

Continuing along the road, it is an easy 2 to 3 minute walk to Lonely Beach village itself.

Lonely Beach – In the village and up and down the sois (streets)

Gu’s Bay Bar and the tattoo shop, Danny’s are located in the shop houses just before the bridge on the left hand side of the road, which itself is flanked by the Riverstone bar and the mini resort, Joy Cottage shortly after it.

Dang Seafood and Rim Tarn sit on the other side, with Oneka Seafood by the bridge itself. The Kitchen, has now closed. Carrying on just a few more metres, you can turn into Soi Tian Chai 1, as it is somewhat grandly named, the first street that comes off the main road running down to the sea.

lonely beach koh chang bridge

Immediately down Soi 1, the long established burger and kebab joint provides the late night fare whilst opposite the newly opened Oom Guesthouse, Thale Guesthouse and Sunshine Cafe run in a row down the left hand side of the road. The guesthouse of Sunshine Cafe together with Maco Jaco Bungalows are in a small side street just a few metres further down which joins up with Soi Tian Chai 2, itself running parallel 50 meters away.

Immediately after these guesthouses, Shanti Shanti marks the start of the cluster of bars, which form the main party area of Lonely Beach. Himmel Bar and its offshoots dominates on either side followed by the smaller Tattoo Bar and the very late opening Ting Tong.


Sunflower Bungalows find themselves in the thick of the action after Ting Tong, with Friend Bungalows opposite after the row of tattooists.

Following the curve to the right at the bottom of the soi, you reach the bungalows of Sea Flower Resort, which sit on the rocky seafront. The original party and backpacker Treehouse Lodge was located around here and so goes the story, the owner coined the name Lonely Beach as a means of attracting early visitors to her bungalows in the late 1990’s. The name is now universal, though locals do still refer to Hat Tha Nam, the real Thai name.


At the very end of the track, it is sometimes possible to hop across the inlet and walk along the path past the front of Cancun Bar and its neighbours in the new development area to Siam Huts and onto Lonely Beach itself, a useful shortcut.

Back at the soi itself, shortly after Banana Bar, Sunset Huts, also one of the very first resorts to open in this area, sits at the end with its bungalows in rows along the seafront. Following them to the left leads you to Sky Beach Resort and on the corner, Warapura Resort, a very good boutique resort. This is actually the bottom of Soi 2, so by taking this back to the main road, you complete the grid.

Along the way, you pass the hostel KLKL, with the Australian owned Carpe Diem next door complete with its own swimming pool. The bungalows of Maco Jaco lie at the start of the other end of the connecting street to Soi 1 shortly afterwards, with Antenna Guesthouse opposite.

Marco’s Place, an Italian run guesthouse and excellent pizzeria, Lam Yai Bungalows, Baan Mai Noodles, Stone Free and its music bar as well as the Soi 2 entrance to Thale Guesthouse are all found in short order as you move up the street. Bee Sleep Hostel has also moved here fom its former home in Klong Prao Beach.

At the top, the coffee shop and pizzeria Sleepy Owl, with its accompanying hostel at the rear, is located on the corner where the soi rejoins the main road. There is also good little no name cafe on the other side.

Lonely Beach – On the hillside and leaving the village

Between the two sois on the main road, Ploy Inn offers rooms on the mountain side behind its restaurant and there are other cheap eats and stalls before another soi, Soi Tian Chai 3, heads inland and uphill with Day Night Bungalows at its start. Janina’s Resort, Easy House and Little Eden are spaced out further up this soi and Oasis Bungalows has prime position at the top, with fabulous views out over the whole area, especially from its tree-house.

lonely beach koh chang view

Continuing on from the turn to Soi 3, the 7 Days minimart, ATM and Scuba Dawgs dive shop start the next section while you can find yet more Lonely Beach party action at Kamrai, sister bar to their bungalows in Bailan Beach. The brand new Beach Jungle, bar, restaurant and rooms sits to Janrassammee Homestay, with its own accompanying Jungle Fresh ticket shop and cafe.

Exotic Bungalows, restaurant, bungalows and rooms, the tiny Green Sun Bungalows lead on the ever expanding BB Lonely Beach, its dive shop, swimming pool, gym, dorm rooms and restaurant dominating the mountain side of the road. The lively bar of Margaritaville cpmpletes the pciture, it too having rooms out back.

Meanwhile back opposite Soi 3, Kachapura Resort, restaurant at the front and resort in gardens at the back, sits alongside the restaurants of Yummy and Baan Mai. Lonely Beach Resort, Fish House and Magic Garden Resort are then side by side as you head south. Each of these resorts have their own sometimes open roadside restaurants. Look out too for the bar built around the amazing ancient tree by Fish House.

At the far end of Lonely Beach village just after the Lemon Bar My Hostel, a final soi leads down to the boutique resort, Nest Sense Resort and Paradise Cottage, with its bungalows, restaurant and bar by the sea.

lonely beach koh chang street

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